YMCA: Staff Spotlight

Yolonda Arriaga – North Branch Welcome Center Supervisor
by AmarilloYMCA.org

Yolanda is the mother of two beautiful children, Kaitlyn – 2 and Ethan – 10 months, she has been married to her high school sweetheart, Casey for 11 years. Her children are her life and she just loves to brag about them, (just ask anybody who works at the North Y.) Yolanda started working at the Y in January of 2007, she started at the South Welcome Center, she then moved to the North Welcome Center and now she is the North Welcome Center Supervisor. Yolanda loves working at the Y because the Y helps so many kids and families in the community and that puts a smile on her face everyday. The Y is a big part of Yolanda’s life, not only does she work for the Y, but both of her children attend Day Care at the Midtown Y and her sister Melissa also works at the Y.

Yolanda loves all the members at the North Y, and she encourages the parents who have kids that go to the Child Care Center at the North Y to sign up for a Y membership. That way, you can work out while the kids are in Day Care.

Yolanda loves to bake during the Holidays, her family says that is the only time she will cook, so they especially enjoy the Holidays.

If you haven’t made it to North to see all the new fitness equipment and renovations then just go to say hello to Yolanda, maybe she will have some goodies to eat. We can only hope.

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