Joe’s Pizza & Pasta

by Dexter Harper
photos by Dexter Harper | North Amarillo Now

Traveling up NE 24th after the PD Girls Basketball game Tuesday my eye was drawn to the red amber glow of a restaurant’s open sign. Curious, I turned into the parking lot and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’d made all day. Having frequented other eateries housed  at the location hundreds of times throughout the years, I expected nothing new with the exception of ownership and menu.

Boy was I wrong!

One step inside and all my previous conceptions were vacated. 3501 NE 24th Avenue is the new home of Joe’s Pizza & Pasta. Joe’s has spacious open seating and totally new décor. It definitely rates higher for ambiance but it’s the food that is the ultimate deal breaker.


Joe’s is a family run and family oriented restaurant. Menu items are moderately priced. The cuisine is nearly 100% Italian. Glancing quickly over the menu the only non-Italian items listed were Buffalo Wings and a Hot Philadelphia Steak Sub. Since my visit was close to closing time my choice was the New York Style Pizza.

As I waited I struck up conversation with the staff and owner. Their accents were clear indications that they were not Texans or Italians. Turns out that the owner Joe is Albanian and has lived in Amarillo for the past thirteen years. I found the staff to be jovial, knowledgeable and professional.

But above all, my New York Style Pizza was excellent!

Add Joe’s Pizza & Pasta to your dining choices they are open daily from 10 to 10

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