Feelin’ Today: Parting Thoughts

by Dexter Harper

For those who follow my personal Facebook page www.facebook.com/dexter.harper might have noticed an unprecedented string of postings under the heading “Feelin’ Today: Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson”.  The total number of post were 14.

Why so many for one artist?

To be totally honest, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson is one of my all-time favorite artist and I couldn’t think of a better stream of music to use as my swan song.  Yes, that’s no misprint.

Ooops, let’s clarify a bit. Not retiring from  BlackAmarillo.com but retiring as columnist for Feelin’ Today.

It has been a nice ride and I’ve enjoyed the journey. Started the column in 2008 and it’s been a real blast sharing my musical taste with BlackAmarillo.com readers and listeners.

Now I wouldn’t dare leave BlackAmarillo.com without a musical influence.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Mr. Tony Johnson will be the new musical voice for BlackAmarillo.com, he may decide to continue Feelin’ Today.  But BlackAmarillo.com fully supports any direction that Mr. Johnson decides to move.

Tony Johnson has been involved within the Amarillo musical trend since the early 80’s.  Much like Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, Tony Johnson is also a talented musician skilled at multiple instruments. Organ, saxophone, keyboard and drums comprise the short list of instruments.

Parting thoughts are simply:

BlackAmarillo.com welcomes its newest columnist and the new musical voice for BlackAmarillo.com Mr. Tony Johnson.

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Feelin' Today, {Music Corner}


  1. avatar Stew says:

    I only learned of Johnny Guitar Watson about 4 years ago while I was viewing the Best of Soul Train on television. He performed “Real Mutha For Ya” and “Tarzan.” I was instantly hooked. I’m no expert on music, however, the clear crisp talent Mr. Watson put behind the sound of his music is undeniable. From time to time I ride in my car today listening to the “best of” JGW.