Let Them Eat Dirt

Let Them Eat Dirt
by L. Arthalia Cravin


L. Arthalia Cravin - blogDirt-eating, the real name of which is “geophagy” is a traditional practice of eating dirt, especially clay dirt, in order to supply nutrients to the body. Growing up in rural Texas, I remember watching older female relatives eat the whitish-colored “clean” dirt after it was removed from embankments alongside the road. I also learned to eat the clay dirt and to savor the earthy taste produced from the first bite. It was always the first bite that generated the most flavor. I also remember that, after a long dry spell, that when the first raindrops coated the dry parched earth that there was also an overwhelming desire to eat the dirt. Often it was just enough dirt on the end of a wet fingertip that satisfied the dirt-eating crave. Even into my teenage years I continued to eat clay dirt, not realizing that my diet was lacking essential minerals that produced the cravings. I stopped eating dirt after my iron-deficiency anemia was diagnosed and treated with supplements and proper foods.


The poor of Haiti, the poorest country on earth, are eating-dirt. According to a current report on BlackAgenda.com, the poorest Haitians have been reduced to a diet of mud cakes – a menu of death. “The Haitians,” says the report, “are giving new meaning to the phrase ‘dirt poor.'” The yellow clay’s nutritional value is almost nil, providing only the temporary illusion of escape from starvation, while “your flesh melts away.” A tiny elite, totally reliant on the Euro-Americans for their vast wealth and privileges, converts a proud nation into a death camp in which the inmates are reduced to consuming their own, sovereign soil.” The recipe for the “slow death” cakes is as follows. Find some wet yellowish-clay and dry it in the sun. Then pound it with a rock or mortar and sift it to remove all the stones, twigs, insects and bird droppings. Next add a little water, make a soft dough, add fat, and salt, form into small cookies, beat flat, and then dry in the sun and eat.


Being reduced to dirt-eating is no laughing matter. Apparently this “diet of eventual death” is just part and parcel of the humanitarian crisis facing Haiti. It is a crisis of monumental proportions, part of a purposeful “final solution” of genocide by the Haitian elite.


I have been reading “The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy” by Christopher Lasch. Lasch died shortly before the book was published in 1995, but it contains his profound analysis of the rise of “elitist thinking” and why it has been so devastating for democracy. What he says is that the elite have effectively separated themselves from any real participation in the components of a true democracy and have instead placed themselves and their offspring above it. He says that their elitist behavior has resulted in a removal of their children from public school so they have no real stake in the general educational concerns of the poor and middle class. This separation continues throughout their children’s lives while they attend exclusive elite universities, followed by top-level professional and managerial jobs. Lasch also says that the elites have isolated themselves from too much social contact with the poor and middle class except to the extent that the poor and middle class serve their personal needs. According to Lasch, because of their wealth, the elites have been able to garner sufficient influence to buy what should not be for sale. He points to the ability of the rich to obtain exemption from military service, secure political office, a direct byproduct of the high cost of campaigning, and excessive lionizing and worship of the lifestyles of the rich and famous that results in a moral and spiritual sacrificing of the “souls of the masses.” Lasch’s book is a hard read, but it is a sobering read about America today.


Part of Lasch’s solution for the influence of the elites is to somehow limit their influence so that there is “social and civic equality” even if economic equality is absent. How this is to be done is the continuing challenge of a democracy that is becoming less and less relevant in the lives of most people. Lasch states that instead of revolutionizing the system of elitist control of the thoughts and actions of the masses, that the masses reject the elitist strategy of “diversity inclusion” as the solution. What he says is that when a few poor and middle class are “allowed” into the professional and managerial ranks of the elites, that these individuals are effectively removed from any serious threat that might aid the masses with critical thinking skills. For the ones left behind, instead of seeing the “talent and brain drain” as robbery of their best and brightest hope, they should instead reward those who reject elitist thinking in favor of grassroots revolt of the commoners. According to Lasch, the elites are a very calculating and clever bunch who have an arsenal of weapons to control the minds of the masses. One of the weapons is philanthropy, the building of libraries, museums. parks, universities, hospitals and orchestras for the “cultural improvement” of the masses. These monuments to themselves serve two purposes; to lend some type of semblance of giving back, and to appease the criticisms of the poor who would otherwise blame the elites for selfish-over-indulgence. According to Lasch, what the masses do not see, however, is that these philanthropic institutions are part of elitist manipulation and control of the masses.


I am still trying to digest Lasch’s analysis of the elites as it relates to the current political scene. His theories were made even more sobering by a recent UTube video entitled “The Dangers of the North American Union.” I was forwarded the UTube video by a colleague whose comment was “this is above my pay grade level.” I then watched the 9 minute video as it discussed the ongoing conspiracy by the elite few which included the following: 1) dissolving the United States and forming a union with Mexico and Canada, including new money called the Amero, 2) joining the European Union, African Union and Asian Union to finalize the one-world government, and 3) implanting a Vchip in everybody to track their every move. According to the video the age-old strategy of “divide and conquer,” and pitting one group against another in a separatist scheme, will usher in the final revolt of the elites against the rest of us commoners. According to the video the ultimate purpose is a totally monitored and controlled world, put in place by the “intellectual elites.” Sounds familiar? Sounds like the stuff of science fiction? Maybe, maybe not.



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