Who is willing to fight for our children?

by Wilson Kates Jr.

wkates I have been out of the loop for a moment in reference to a nasty little transplant problem but glad to be back with you all. It is appalling to hear in this day and time the treatment of our black kids in the state of Texas as well as in AISD.None of this is new to me but to have kids conditioned to think they are less than was a big mistake in meeting the demands of equal opportunity in education. How do you let a 10 year old go to teen court where the age officially starts at 14? The principal as well as the district should be ashamed of themselves for the way in which they handled this. 1955, 2011 same thing different decade. Until those in charge change their warped way of thinking, we will continue to be subjected to the same treatment in the schools of AISD. I still feel the worse thing to happen to educating our children happened in Brown vs. the Board of education. Our kids had the best Teachers and faculty second to none in return for those who teach now to pay the mortgage on an overpriced piece of property in SW Amarillo. Now don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of blame to go around for the minds of those who teach our children. Blacks who only want a pay check as well as those who have been given positions to appease them have become the norm. As soon as they are in, the past never happened. “To forget the past is to repeat it”. I feel a little Jewish today so I will say “never again”!

You may have many white friends and go to many places where we could not go a mere 50 years ago, but the last time I looked, the truth is the truth and a lie is still a lie .I feel both students should have been reprimanded for their actions and that be the end of it. This judge showed his unfairness and hardened sense of bigotry when he upped the anti of how much community service this black student served. He affected the family as well as how this kid will now see her school. How fair was that in a court where a 10 year old should not have been to begin with? Why did this judge feel he had to turn the knife already in this black kids back? As for hiring teachers and administrators in AISD, It still has a long way to go in reference to getting the best possible. So the exodus of Blacks continues and the school system gets worse. I guess we should have hired those 100 or so black teachers who teach in other cities and states throughout this country. Maybe they would have had a sense of fairness that does not exist with others who have the responsibility of nurturing and teaching our kids. So now this is another kid who has learned what to expect from a system that is jaded and unfair. Lets face it folks, content of character has not arrived in Amarillo yet.

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  1. avatar leigh cravin says:

    Thank you for speaking out about the horrible treatment of black kids in AISD. You are right, the situation with the 10 year old being treated like a criminal for a playground spat should never have happened and would never have happened at any school “across town.” But, the Negro “patsy” who is over this type of issue said and did nothing when informed about it. It was wrong, it was illegal, but this is AISD. When I posted an article about the number of black kids in AISD who are being subjected to some type of “behavior management,” no one said a word. I even posted the report from the Texas Legislative Board showing the disparate treatment. But not a word from the community. We should have occupied AISD headquarters, demanding that that highly overpaid, incompetent Schroder be fired. When will this end? Who will step forward to say enough? Thank you for speaking out–once again–about an issue that signals trouble for black kids in Amarillo. I just wrote the president of Amarillo College about an AC commercial showing a black male student wandering around in the commercial with both hands in his pockets as if he were some type of off-campus loiterer. I dared them to tell me whether this was deliberately staged or covert racism. No other student in the commercial appeared as “non-studious” but the black male student. Strangely of the 3 folks at AC who received my letter not a one has tried to explain this type of in your face racism. Black folks in Amarillo need to wake up to a deliberate “push back” in favor or “the other two minorities.” Again, thank you for speaking out. You are not a lone voice “crying in the wilderness.”