The Character of Hate (USA)

by Wilson Kates Jr.


During the past 3 years, I have noticed the volume of hate and disrespect of not just Republicans but the shear hate of whites in general. We elected a president of the lesser evil to save the country from all of the stealing and corruption echoed by Wall Street and its cronies. During this time White America had a change of plans and decided to give this President 3 year to undo all the damage Bush II had rotted. In an effort to destabilize and neutralize President Obama’s Intelligence, Republicans as well as some Democrats decided to just say no to anything he would bring forward to help the majority of his constituents.

No to jobs bills no to health care for all and no to the wealthy are paying their fair share of taxes. They refuse to talk about race because they know they are guilty and this is too close to the truth. So in an effort to soften the rabbit obsession they have with skin color, they say they respect the office of the President, So what, In order to respect the office you have to respect the man who holds it. I.e.: Governor of Arizona. I sent her an e-mail in which one of her staff responded to saying she has no bad regard toward the President.

Ok when you get to where you smell your own piss and feel you can put your finger in the President of the United States face, it’s time you get rolled down the hill. The political climate in this country is as poisonous as it has been since reconstruction. If whites had the nerve and body strength, they would try to put us back to share cropping. I know too many African Americans who would tear this place apart before that happens, and I’m one of them. Societal change is what need to happen in this country before anything involving race relations is better or made against the law. It just too bad we can’t legislate Bigotry, and hate Whites need to realize their roll in our being here and our roll as builders of the greatest nation ever on earth. I guess we were supposed to be worked to death then used for land fill in all of America’s cities. Out of site, out of mind. 63 million of us died during the slave trade and millions more after we were so-called set free.

It’s still happening today as we see thousands of men women and children missing! This is not a coincidence! The up coming election will do two things in the American psychic. It will demonstrate that whites have common sense and a degree of decency. November 2012 will be a day that will really live in infamy. But one thing whites are forgetting is God will do what he said he will do. (What was last will be first)? I don’t know about the Mayan calendar and all of that but the Lord is in control and it’s time some realize exactly that.

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North Amarillo Now


  1. avatar Cathy Williams says:

    I agree, I agree. It’s unbelievable-I have been at my present job for close to 1 1/2 years, and not a day goes by that I don’t hear something about our president-oh and let me not forget to mention-he’s not referred to as “Mr. President”, or Mr. Obama, not even “President”, but merely “Obama”, and the stress that’s placed on the first syllables of his name…I’m not one to speak against any man/woman placed in a leadership position-yet I have the freedom to agree or not to agree intellegently-but “these people”…It’s just sad that we’re now in the 21st century, and there is still the issue of racism at the forefront. I’m excited to see the outcome of the upcoming elections!

  2. avatar leigh cravin says:

    I have heard the same comments about Amarillo work places where white folks suddenly feel “the need” to openly express their dislike for President in the presence of black coworkers. I have personally been in social situations where Amarillo white folks have made similar “unsolicited” comments about the President. My simply reply is his mother was “white like you” so at least half of his DNA is also your DNA. But we know that since the “black part” of President Obama entered the Oval Office the country has “come on out” with the racism that was always just beneath the surface. And now, a black Republican from Florida, has added his stupidity to the mix with the thuggist statement that the President, “need to get the hell out of the USA.” Unbelievable. Anyone who thinks that we are “post-racial,” whatever that is, has his or her head in the sand. But the worst is yet to come–just wait until the general election is in high gear and you will see the KKK, the skinheads, and all the rest of the racist Tea Party dogs, doing whatever they think it will take to “take down the President.” This country is a disgrace to the rest of the civilized world. The greatest country on earth? We need to stop this insane mantra and see America for what it is–racist to the core.

  3. avatar Tony Johnson says:

    I feel you Wilson on everything you’re saying. I honestly admire You and Mrs. Cravin about what’s going on in the political world and my eyes are surely opening up because every since President Obama took office, I been hearing this guy at my job going non-stop for the past 3 1/2 years complaining about Obama and yes he is a straight up Republican. It’s always something negative but yet he makes sure I’m around to hear what he has to say cause he knows that I voted for President Obama.

    So finally I said to him…”Mighty funny I worked with you during the 8 years of the Bush administration and I NEVER heard you utter one word about President Bush despite all of the BS he put America through but no sooner we get a 1st elected Black President in office you automatically start tearing him down but you say…You’re NOT prejudice…Pleeeeeze spare me!”

    Of course…he says “color has nothing to do with it” it’s just he don’t agree with Obama’s principals but since when did Republicans and Democrats ever had similar principals they always had different principals so he can miss me with that.

    It’s gotten to the point now that we don’t even speak simply because nothing I say is going to change his views about Obama and nothing he says to me is going to change my views about Obama either.

    Like I told him…”Stop crying and wait til November to cast your vote and while your voting to cast him out of office..Guess what? I’ll be voting to keep him in office…End of story!”