Willie Comes to Amarillo

Willie Comes to Amarillo
by Wilson Kates Jr.


wkates It had rained sleet and snow the night before former President was to visit Amarillo on behalf of his wife’s run for the White House. Amarillo has always been around 80 per scent Republican and maybe higher. But what counted were the delegates to the convention to see who would run against Mc Cain.


Ms. McMillan made a claim that really embarrassed me to no end. She went on to claim Bill Clinton as the first Black President. He looked pretty white to me and not just his skin color but his Arkansas roots. When you plan ahead in life, you often will set up someone who you will think needs to be put up for next. That is how he set his wife Hillary up to look as If she was so experienced in Government and leadership.


First she should have sent him packing for embarrassing her to the whole world with a fat broad that wasn’t that good looking, but I guess he wasn’t looking her in the face! Does this mean all Black men cheat on their significant others and bill was being like them? Well let me give you reality check 5109, Men and Women have been unfaithful since Eve decided to get a taste.


Well getting on with the business of getting ready to screw their way through another white house misadventure, Willie picked Amarillo’s Civic Center complex. Now this particular part only holds 1100 people, when I arrived thirty minutes early, there were 10,000 people in line already. I called my T-Jones to see if she needed me to stop by the store and made my way back to the parking lot hoping my heater was still hot.


I thought maybe this was my last chance to see an American president and write about his remarks to the Globe. Well it was poorly planned and many went to the antiques show on the north mall while I made it to my brother’s house to see Texas Deal Baylor another loss. Before the game started, I reiterated to him how I was not voting for Hillary and if Obama didn’t get the nomination I would not waste one more vote for the Dems. I was voting for Mc Cain!


All was well with my world until Willie stared to attack Obama and say what white folks have done for its poor black brethren. How we could not have succeed during the Civil Rights era. I was livid, I was thinking about throwing a couple of beers in my head. I calmed my doubts and fears by listening to Mrs. Obama talk about if they can’t run their own marriage then how they can run a country of 300 million people.


If you will really stop, and be still for just a second, you can figure people out in a heart beat. Yes Willie had Blacks on his staff! Yes Willie has an office in Harlem!


But it is the President of these United States job to take care of its people and provide for the common good. And the last time I looked, Harlem is the hottest property in NY. Whites refer to it as a part of Manhattan, so watch out Black folks here they come. B-Smith’s be ware!


We need to let the dems know we won’t be taken for granted anymore by selling our Mule which makes money, for a dog that won’t even hunt.



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  1. avatar Marion Nickerson says:

    Are you saying the lesser of two evils doesn’t count? After eight years of less than adequate economic growth for all economic backgrounds,voting for anyone that doesn’t promote the policies of an administration that promotes fear and an invasion of privacy,safety and an unjust use of America’s resources.It is essential we look at other alternatives than another four years of policies that will put everyone at economic risks. By all means vote,but vote on the basis of platforms that represent the American dream.