Please tell me why we can’t?

By Ray Nash | Carver Golden Dragon Assc.

I have just finished listening to my president and his words have inspired me to a level that I had almost forgotten existed in me. I once believed the people at home would pick up the vision of the association and incorporate it into their lives. That has not happen the way I envisioned. Even though the vision has been embraced, it has been those who once lived in Amarillo that have taken the lead to bring the vision to fruition. Because of that, I had almost loss hope that the leaders of the association’s would live in Amarillo, but being inspired by the words of the president, I now have new hope. With the same vigor that my president has declared war on the dept and is convinced he can eliminating, I declare that the vision of the association will be manifested and we will have leadership from home. In the same light that my president has called on us to join with him to accomplish his goal, I call on the leaders of our generation who are still at home to join with us and bring the vision of the Carver Golden Dragons to light and the future.

The leadership of the association is reaching out to have open discussions with the future leaders of this great association. I still believe that this special group of people that have come together to form this association were chosen by God and that He is still in charge. I was taught from a child that no weapon formed against an agent of the Lord will prosper. So regardless of the obstacles that we must over come to bring the vision to pass, it will happen.

I must admit that I have become apart of the microwave generation, wanting everything to happen yesterday, and because of that, I would become inpatient. Sometimes that impatiens would drive me to the wall wondering why others were taking so long to understand that the vision is about GIVING BACK. It’s not about us, it’s about those who helped to make us the people we are today. We should never forget them and should take every opportunity afforded us to say Thank You. That is the goal of the association.

How many unsung heroes are there in our midst that we should be saying thank you to. The association has taken the opportunity through the newsletter, The Awards, and the web site to recognize such legendaries as Ms Ruby “Lady Cool Breeze” Lewis, Mr. Charles “The Undertaker” Warford, Ms Gloria “Piano Playing” Foster-, Mr. Clemon “Toooo Cool” Whitaker, Mr. Ike “Stand By Me” Avery, Ms Leola “Leading the Way” Whitaker, …and many others.

We recognize that there are so many more and we want to locate and recognize them also for a job well done. We can not do it along. We need the help of each and everyone of you. We need your eyes, ears, hearts, and your support. Your eyes for what they have seen over the years. They have seen acts of kindness that were not published in the local paper. They have seen those who have helped those who have not. They have seen hard work that the unsung has done to help another. Share that with us.

We need your ears for what they have heard. There are so many stories that have traveled down the corridors of your ears that illuminate our history, that strengthens our faith, that give us the fortitude to stand on the highest mountain or in the lowest valley and announce to the world “Yes We Can”! Share those stories with us so that our TRUE history will not die.

We need the love that is in your heart. The love of family, of our career, of a special place where we once spent time, and a love of ourselves, along with many others. I am calling on you to share with us your love for others. There is a Big Mama in every ones life. Remember her? She was always there to care for you and sometimes stand in the gap for your parents. Help us to recognize that Big Mama type of love by sharing your memories.

Last but not least, your support. Please don’t continue to stand on the sideline and watch. Jump in and get your hands dirty. Get busy with those who have embraced the vision of GIVING BACK. Support us by becoming a member and experience the thrill of knowing that you too will not allow another sun to set without Giving Back. It takes the sum of us all to see that sunrise of our future.

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