by Anthony A. Moore


Anthony MooreAs I sit and stare into the misty thoughts of Blue and Gold memories, that travel not only in our minds but our hearts. I vision a Old High school with only but one great question to ask “Who Are The Real Carver High Dragons?


Now you may ask yourself what is he thinking? Has “T. Mo” lost his mind?


No!! I have not lost my mind but we as a people must make the Legacy last and tell of our accomplishments in history just as the Native Americans,Africans and Eskimo’s provide story’s of gallantry , wisdom and courage to their young.


I want to speak about Carver High School sports and what it has done for our community. The Carver Dragons first won a State Football Championship in 1952 (2A Division of the Prairie View Interscholastic League Football) better known as the ( PVIL) (Amarillo Carver 7 and Palestine Lincoln 0).


It was about January of 1965, when the sub-committee of the League’s Legislative Council and the Prairie View Interscholastic League officials met to discuss the pros and cons of all “Negro” schools becoming members of the University Interscholastic League (UIL) or all white schools becoming members of PVIL. PVIL accepted integration in UIL no one thought about preservation of the past 1940-1970 PVIL records. Those historical records should have been preserved and should have become a part of the UIL just as the other high schools records did.


This is sad but true the records and accomplishments of our youthful African American young men are gone. Ummmm, I wonder why that does’nt surprise me.


I want to ask another question that may surprise a bunch of you but where are all the Trophies from Carver High? Someone has to know, the elementary children didn’t take them. Oh!! was it O. J. looking for his Heisman? These trophies need to be returned and displayed for our community to see.


To the Carver/Patten/Douglas Monument Association you are much appreciated for your hard-work and diligence. I realize some of us out of towney’s are just sitting back like an old Cadillac on two flats. Awaiting the news from afar but I am in search of the Holy Grail of tells about the late Great Coach Johnny Allen and the Mighty Carver High School Dragons.


I feel we should hear how it felt to run into Dick Bivins on a Saturday noon game to play against a tuff Lubbock Dunbar? While the stadium shook with the screams and yells of many African Americans and some white people too. I want to hear the tells of Coach Allen during a tight game in the locker room. Are hear tells on the practice field..


I want to know what happen at the Quite-A-Burger stand after a big win ?


(Yeah Boy ! “Thought I didn’t know nothing. You bet-ta ask somebody”). For those (readers) that don’t know that was one of the hangouts on the Northwest corner of Amarillo Blvd and Hughes where the Toot-N-Totum is now.


It’s not many that can say that Don Shanklin played with them as a child but I can. Listen people I’m not that old but I got history from my family bloodline The Campbell’s you may know of them ( Big-D Don , The Drummer- Roy, Carl and the Late Henry Campbell ).


To hear the saddest part of when they disbursed our young African Americans from Carver High into Amarillo Public high school system was a very big mistake. The City of Lubbock still has Dunbar high school and their tradition still rolls on. Didn’t it all change when our children had to play for Tascosa,Amarillo High, Palo Duro and Caprock ?


Yes, My friends this is going to take me some work because my Editor is a leader of excellence. My hope is to have this completed by the Carver Reunion July 15th , 16th and 17th 2008. Y’all put that on your calender


Please I’m not trying to put anyone down but I will be talking to actual graduates from Carver HS.


Before I go I must pay a Hugh respect for a man I also admired and loved to read his articles the late W.L.(Putt) Powell one of Amarillo’s Greatest sport writers. Mr. Powell knew football talent because he watched alot of it and met alot of young men. I took a small article from (History makers of the High Plains) in reference to Mr. Putt Powell that best describe the man.


“Putt was the only completely satisfied man I’ve ever known,” said C.L. Duniven, Powell’s best friend. “Years ago I was with Putt in Dallas, and Harold Ratliff (longtime Texas sports editor for The Associated Press) said, ‘Putt, I don’t know what you make at the Amarillo paper, but whatever it is, we’ll double it if you’ll write for The AP.’ “Putt said, ‘Harold, I have a good wife, a comfortable home, a driveable car, three meals a day – and besides, I get tickets to all Amarillo High athletic contests. What else could anyone want?”


Yes! I do appreciate the time an effort Mr. (Putt) Powell took reading the various school news papers and in 1976 notated in his column that I was one of the best young high school Sports Writers in high school.


Yes, Mr. Powell even knew about Carver high school players ask Mr. Shanklin.


I can tell you just for attending Carver as a Junior high school student the tradition was there when you walked down the hallways and sat in the locker room. That you could feel the spirits of our past football gladiators.The past Coaches and players Mr. Whitaker, Roger Scott, Albert O’Neal, Ronnie Savage, Don Campbell. Ronnie and Don Shanklin and never leave out Gene Wiley these are some of the people that I’ll try to interview. I’m even looking for the real names of older football players like Jabo and Popcorn etc…..


So if you know of the graduates from the 1950’s thru the close of the school that care to share their thoughts and memories please have them leave me an e-mail at Thawk44us@Yahoo.com If so please provide a contact number, for interview purposes only. The hunt for the Real Carver Dragons starts NOW!!!



© Copyright 2008 – Anthony Moore. All rights Reserved. No part of this commentary may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.


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  1. avatar EVERETT GARDNER says:


    you know I know the Campbell’s they lived directly across the street. We lost a good one when we lost Don Shanklin. I remember him runinng wild at Dick Bivins. May the blue and gold live on forever.

    Keep up the good work

    E Gardner

  2. avatar Kenn a.k.a. Boola says:

    Mr. Moore,
    I wanted to comment on your article and let you know that it is a great pleasure to know that someone else shares my curiousity! And interest. I am a performer, singer, producer, songwriter, designer, marketer, and as you probably already guessed–entrepreneur. I am from the Amarillo area and I have a clothing line that I named after the original name of North Heights (University Heights).


    One of my designs (or I should say a couple) features the Carver Dragons. I always wanted to print sports memoribilia for the Dragons with a 19?? CHAMPIONS emblem! I’m glad to see someone IS interested in our TRUE HISTORY!! The good and the prominence this community once had to offer!! We have to get back to that.



  3. avatar Donnell Campbell says:

    Great work.Keep it up ,Tony