Karl Rove to speak at W.T.

Former adviser to President Bush

CANYON, TEXAS — Pronews 7 has confirmed that Karl Rove, senior adviser to President Bush, will speak at West Texas A&M.

Rove will speak at the school’s spring commencement convocation. Pronews 7 has gotten emails from some community members who think Rove is a bad choice. We made a trip to the W.T. campus yesterday to see what the students thought about Rove, it turned out many of them didn’t know who he was. Jay Ricci talked to about 20 students and found out that hardly any of them knew Rove, the one we did speak, who knew Rove, said the choice was fine. W.T student, Megan Staunton, said that she has heard he is “controversial, but I hadn’t heard that he’d done anything wrong specifically, so I don’t thing it’s a bad idea that he’ll be our commencement speaker. I think it signifies where we’ve been in the past and I don’t think it would be a bad idea….I think he would have a lot to say.”

Rove’s speech will be delivered on May 8th.

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