Frankly Fran

by Fransetta Crow

Hello Amarillo and Internet. I invite you to join me in an open conversation about issues, events and just plain old crap!

I will express my take and yes your take is just as important on the subject on hand. So join in with me and let’s talk about it together ‘West Texas Style’.

I will address a subject and give you my take on it. I welcome feedback and responses, to let others know how you feel so submit your comments and oh yes! Tell a friend to come join in, the more the merrier!


It’s been less than 100 days since President Obama was sworn in as our 44th President and entered  the White House to begin the hardest job of pulling America from total deterioration. The challenge has been an uphill battle, not to mention those in constant negative attacks against him, and his administrative staff, from the Media and Republican Party. I feel that he has been successful and I am proud of his accomplishments so far.

What I want to say to those that are trying to find fault with Mr. Obama is “if you have a better plan why don’t you send it to him in the mean time quit complaining!”

Let me know how you think he’s doing or here is your chance to tell everybody what you think. Let me hear from you ok!

Signed: Frankly Fran

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Frankly Fran


  1. Yes, I agree that one must either initiate action or support the action already in place. In the case of our President Obama, it is my view that his job as difficult as it seems….he is managing it very well. As a husband, father, and above all as a human being… one can only expect that with all of his skills and academia that this is the MAN for the job. So, let those who doubt be encourged and allow time and trust to fill the doubt with Hope and the Belief that together as a nation and a community WE CAN and We WILL..

    Thank you for the opportunity to share..
    Gwendolyn Parker-Harris class of 68