Tony Johnson » Feelin’ Today: Tank- This Is How I Feel

by Tony Johnson

Durrell Babbs better known as “Tank” has released his 5th studio project “This Is How I Feel”

Since R. Kelly is considered the “KING of R&B”, Usher the “PRINCE of R&B”, Tank is indeed the “GENERAL of R&B”.

“This Is How I Feel” is what I call the new generation style of R&B. Slow, melodic, futuristic & seductive. Something you can pretty much strip to even though I’m not a stripper..LOL!

“This Is How I feel” sounds like something that Jamie Foxx would do but I’m really feeling this project more than I did “Now or Never” in 2010. I also like the 2 songs on the deluxe version “Underrated & “Crazy” which also includes the video “Underrated”

“This Is How I Feel” also features Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, T.I., Kris Stephens & Kevin McCall

My favorite song is “Your One” but I’m also feeling “Lonely” f/ Chris Brown, Don’t Give Up, Off Your Hands, “This Is How I Feel” & “Better Than Me” I love the lyrics on “Better Than Me”.

Overall I have to salute the “GENERAL of R&B” for a well done project from beginning to end.

Enjoy 🙂

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