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by Tony Johnson

Ben Tankard who is known as “The Godfather” of Gospel Jazz is back with his 16th project entitled “Full Tank”.

This Gospel pianist features Gerald Albright (Sax), Tim Bowman (Guitar), Cynthia Jones (Vocal) & Mark Kibble of Take 6 (Vocal) Also Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis (Producer).

Ben Tankard once again came with another breath taking project from beginning to end. The first single “Sunday Vibes” f/ Tim Bowman on guitar became the #1 most played song on Watercolors (Sirius XM).
The Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis produced song “Black Butterfly” f/ Mark Kibble of Take 6 is my personal favorite but I’m also loving “Something About That Name” f/ Cynthia Jones, “Smooth Wife: Smooth Life” and the title track “Full Tank” f/ Gerald Albright.

Although I love Ben Tankard’s music but I noticed his last 4 projects tend to be leaning more on the secular side per se compared to his earlier projects but he proclaims he’s totally under the anointment of the “Holy Spirit” and by no means am I judging but that’s a discern I get when listening to his music especially by him working with secular artists and producers.

Gospel artists must be careful cause Satin is crafty when it comes to music cause once they reach a certain status of success the enemy comes in and try to divert their style that is more appealing to the secular world instead of sticking with their church roots.
Listen to Kirk Franklin, BeBe & Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams, etc before their success their earlier projects seemed to have more anointment compared to their present projects. I’m sure some may disagree but that’s just my assessment.

Yes most of Ben Tankard’s music are instrumentals but let’s take the song “Spa Treatment”. what does a Spa Treatment have anything to do with leading someone to Christ? Guess I’ll never know because it’s an instrumental and if you really listen to the lyrics of “Black Butterfly” it could be misconstrued as a secular song plus his last 4 projects Ben Tankard has remade several secular songs. “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”, “No Ordinary Love”, “Best Of My Love”, “Remind Me” and on this project “If I Only Had A Brain” (Renewed Mind) which is a remake from the movie ” The Wizard of Oz”

I know that these remakes has christian sentiments but I feel it can be misleading. Satin will use these elements to infiltrate and dilute God’s music but nowadays Gospel artists feel it’s okay to homogenize the music of the world in with the church therefore my question is “Are Gospel artists really christian entertainers” or “Are they just entertainers that HAPPENS to be christian?”

I’m sure it’s not Ben Tankard true intentions to be misleading but Gospel artists have to be careful and stay prayed up because music is not only a ministry but it is a SPIRIT that can be interpreted in many forms and fashion.

Ben Tankard has earned 15 Gold and 6 Platinum records in his 23 years playing Gospel Jazz and you can be sure to expect another award for this project.

Ben Tankard is presently on the “Full Tank” tour. Try to catch it in a city near you.


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