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by Tony Johnson

As a music columnist I have to be open minded and not biased based on what I personally perceive as Good or Bad but if I was to be narrow minded and very opinionated I would probably say “WARNING: PLEASE, DO NOT PURCHASE THE NEW USHER “LOOKING 4 MYSELF” BECAUSE IT’S STRAIGHT GARBAGE!” but of course, I’m not gonna say that but I will say that I am HIGHLY disappointed.

Usher Raymond has released his 7th studio project “Looking 4 Myself”. Which shows a side of Usher evidently evolving as an artist by reinventing himself to NOT just one style of format.

Be honest, when you think of Usher what is the first thing that comes to your mind? “Confessions” or “My Way” because those 2 projects had some major killer songs which made Usher out to be one of the highly anticipated R&B artist since Michael Jackson well unfortunately there is nothing R&B about “Looking 4 Myself”

“Looking 4 Myself” is what I call this “New Generation of Pop” that’s dominating the radio airwaves like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, etc. You’ll hear some bits and pieces of R&B but mainly it’s a Dance/Club/Pop type of project. I know many people WILL NOT like this new style but for those who are musically diverse will probably love this project and that’s the ONLY reason I’m not going to call this project..GARBAGE!

I will admit that I do like “Twisted”, “What Happened To U”, “I.F.U.”, “Say The Words” & “Hot Thing” but songs like “Climax”, “Lemme See”, “Lessons For The Lover”, “Sins Of My Father” are cool but had to grow on me but all the rest I wouldn’t say aren’t good but just NOT my type of flavor but to each is own.

Please note: We as Americans tend to judge music on a Black and White scale but what Usher did was see through the veil of Black and White. Making music that is universal that ALL races can feel. Europe, Asia, South America, Australia not just the USA and the truth is people overseas tend to be more open minded than Americans when it comes to music and for Usher to totally flip the script and step outside the box to make a project that is totally different from any of his previous projects lets me know that he has a lot of MONEY and is not afraid to take risks. Some may say that he SOLD OUT just to make more money and he MAY have but sometimes an artist that is truly diverse will never limit himself to just one style of format just like Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, or Whitney Houston. So I salute Usher for having the courage to make music on his own terms.

But the flip side is while Usher is transcending. He’s pissing off a lot of his fans because they spent there hard earned money buying a project that they wasn’t expecting. Hell, I could have downloaded “Looking 4 Myself” for FREE but chose to support and paid $10.99 so Hell yeah, I’m disappointed and if this is Mr. Usher Raymond on going style of music I don’t think I will buy another project from him ever again.

But to each is own.

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