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by Fransetta Crow

I have so much to talk about and so many things  are happening that I can’t hardly focus in on just one subject or issue. What a very challenging time we live in. Hello to my classmate class of “68”. Great to hear from you. I like talking with you, you speak well. Hope to hear from you again. I want to say that this new column is for Amarillo residents and anyone that want to join in conversation . That includes all Carver Alumni. By the way I am Frankly Fran and any subject that I address is only my opinion.


As a child growing up I would hear the old people say things like ” What In The World Is Going On”? That’s the same statement I am saying today to myself and others, locally, Community wise and Globally. Join me now!


The City of Amarillo has just recently had the local City Election on May 9, 2009. The media reported a low voter turn out. With 100.000 registered voters, less than 5,000 voted. Our city government does not reflect the cultural diversity of Amarillo . We have been told that “Single Member Districts “ are not needed. Many say why vote. No one really cares any more.

Book Signing at Barnes& Nobles : AFRICAN AMERICANS IN AMARILLO. The co Authors are Claudia Stuart and Jean Stuntz  was May 16, 2009.  There will also be book signings 6-13-09  at Hastings on Georgia and 6-20-09 at Sams Club both  from 3-5pm. The price is $21.99 for Info. call (806)3522300


North Amarillo gets much needed Sidewalks on NORTH HUGHES street. If you have been driving on Hughes St. You may have seen the City of Amarillo surveying  both sides of the street from Amarillo Blvd. to NW 24th street. This is the result of a few locally concerned residents , who have worked for positive change in the community. Bus Shelters are going to be placed at various bus stops for customer relief from the sun is also a rumor. Like the song ” It’s Been along time coming”……I Know 100 years or more but who’s counting?

The old swimming pool at Bone Hooks Park has been marked as the new Splash Park for the North Amarillo residents.

The Juneteenth activities and celebrations are once again up in the air. What is the problem? The United Citizens Forum  will still have the annual Parade,activities and celebrations for information  call  (806) 3798247


There are so many issues to speak on that I have decided to list some of them and comment on one or two, but you can comment on any subject enclosed. What say you about The H1N1 virus? That’s what we have been told to call it. Changing the name is not going to convince me not to be alarmed. Not only is the virus growing and spreading all over the United States, It’s here in Texas more than in the other states and it’s over 4,000 cases and counting, Not only is it Here/ it’s Global…..Wash your hands, use good hygine, what about coughing and sneezing you can’t wash that off.  Call it H1N1 , Swine Flu , whatever, I Call It NASTY!……

What about Miss California and The issue on Same Sex Marriage …Oh My God!!  What about Celibacy ? What about Abortions ? What do you think?

Credit Card Reform…In 1 year, why not now, starting today. In one year The credit card companies will have castrated us all, it will be to little to late… That’s crap!…. It seems like we are being punished, and having to bail out the banks that created the problem and then charged for their mistakes. What’s up!

Social Security and Medicare Why can’t our government bail those programs out. Why don’t they put a few billion in and bail out the very citizens that haved worked to make America what it is to day. They have bailed out all the Big companies, and Banks, Mr. Obama  don’t forget the voters that worked hard to get you elected. Well I could go on but I am stopping for now. Tell me what you feel about it.

See ya later,

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Frankly Fran