Frankly Fran

by Fransetta Crow

SUMMERTIME AND THE LIVING IS EASY…so the song goes, but that was then and this is now. As we enter into summer there are many issues that are affecting the “living is easy” part. I encourage your input but, I still have to do what I have  to do, and that is to speak on the issues and share , events, information and offer an open dialogue for others to exercise their First Ammendment right the freedom of speech.

SO I SAY LET THE CONVERSATION BEGIN…! Locally there will be a Juneteenth Celebration, Parade, and lot”s of fun activities along with a Special Dj “LADY COOLBREEZE ” Mrs. Ruby Lewis all taking place at the United Citizens Forum for information call 806 3798247. Let us remember Fathers Day and all our Fathers. The pools are open, Wonderland park is open, and many youth projects are available . I encourage parents to make sure your child have a fun and safe summer.The North YMCA offer many programs for every one check them out 806 3731811.  Gasoline is going up daily!! Excel will increase  also Atmos Gas, which is not making living easy as we all are  incuring new challenges financially. Oh yes! Postage went up without any pre notification. There will be a “special” book signing on African Americans of Amarillo, on June 20, at 2:00 pm at Sams Club 2201Ross-Osage call 3746651. You must make it part of your Juneteenth weekend activities. The North Hughes Street clean-up  will begin 6-15 09-to 6-19- 09 sponsored by GIVINGBACK commuity services. Please help do your part to help clean our main thurfare into the community. For Info call 806-3796933

Nationally: I wish I could get somebody to make me understand what  Govenor Rick Perry is trying to prove, It does not seem that he is aware of what he was elected to do, we all need repersenting not just the rich. What about Mac Thornberry? Did these people forget their purposes? Amarillo we are in trouble. Did anyone say yes to the possibility of tax increase on Soda, Beer and  Wine, called the “SIN TAX” . What next?  Icecream!

Globally: President OBAMA was successful in his effort to open a dialogue with the Muslim World. Now they want to say he’s the Antichrist. It is going to take time to rebuild the respect and confidence of the United States  toward the rest of the world, one stept at a time. Racist, I don’t Think so. That’s what I think about the Sonia Sotomayor  issue. Oh yeah Rusch Limbaugh and Newt and Cheney can hop to the moon,  their  days are over!  Health Care Reform is the next task on Obama list . The question is can he pull this one off . Some are saying that he is ushering in socialism, I feel that he is walking a tight line, and he knows the importance of the issue.The H1N1 virus has become pandemic stage with 29.000 cases in 73 countries, but it’s still nothing to be alarmed about. Yeah Right!!!

Before I leave I want to encourage you all to give something back to your community this summer, work with a Youth Project, help a Senior Citizen, a Disabled or Homeless person, Mentor, Volunteer or just share , it will mean so much to the one on the recieving end.

BYE! BYE! for now,  Signed Frankly Fran

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Frankly Fran