Making The Rounds: Revs. Al, Jesse Loved MJ

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Dexter Harper

Revs. Al, Jesse Loved MJ
But their job was sharing Gospel with him. Did they succeed?

Posted by DonJr2009 | Houston Chronicle

Just wondering if one of the Reverend’s ever pulled Michael off to the side and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. Both Reverend’s seem to be so involved in Micheal’s welfare now that he is gone. All I hear from both of them is me and Michael this, and me and Michael that, but I haven’t heard one word from either whether they ever attempted to share the gospel. Because they are such high profile reverends it just seems odd that no mention of Michael’s salvation is ever commented on. As a reverend, that’s your primary job, leading people to Christ. I guess that is contingent upon what kind of reverend you are, your own reverend or a reverend of Christ.

His brother Jermaine said the he hoped Allah would bless Michael. Fat chance!

It makes me reflect on the fact that we as Christian’s may be held accountable for not sharing the gospel with those in our lives that need it. I know that I am guilty. God places us in the path of those who don’t know the gospel counting on us to carry out the Great Commission. The Great Commission is not the great suggestion.

I see the millions of people’s lives and all the varied cultures that Michael had an influence on. Just think, if one time, he would have stood up and said, “I love Jesus” the untold people he could have influenced for the Kingdom of God. Sad.

I wish his family well. What a blessing it would have been for his Christian fans to know that Michael was a Christian.

I will endeavor to lead someone to Christ this week.

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Making The Rounds