Frankly Fran

by Fransetta Crow

IT’s Hotter Than HOT!!!     MICHAEL JACKSON

It’s time again to speak on the The Hot issues , so let’s by all means enter into conversation! Health Care Reform, Palin, Franken, Stanford, Unemployment, Cash for Clunkers and so and so on. There is so much in the news and It changes so fast ,one can hardly keep up with it all, let along have a decent conversation about it. Out of all the News that has happened in the world the most Newsworthy and the HOTTEST IS MICHAEL JACKSON. It is for that reason and that reason alone that I have decided to dedicate this column to him and in his Memory.

A ray of Light has left our presence, and mankind the world over realizes this. There are times in history when someone or some thing special happens and the whole world stops and takes notice. The death of Michael Jackson has been one and we all know it weather we acknowledge or except the reality of it.

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Frankly Fran