Frankly Fran

by Fransetta Crow

COEXISTANCE Not RACISM!!! WE as a HUMAN RACE all need to stop all the drama that we are inflicting on each other under the disguise of RACIAL HATE . This is a subject that has been brought to the fore front of our society for many Generations. It is sad . We can to go to the Moon and yet we can’t understand the basic and simple answer to ending racial division. CO_EXISTANCE is the answer it’s so simple a baby could understand it unless it was taught different. What a waste of positive energy and insult to our Creator concerning his purpose and plan for creating mankind in different races, who can stand up to him and tell him, and who gave you the power to judge and condem others based on the color of their skin?

This morning I stood at one of my windows and watched the birds fly and flutter as they fed their young and themselves. I noticed that they all did so together. There were different sizes, colors and species and they all ate together in peace. It was as if they knew the spiritual law and universal law of the right to exist. When they finished feeding they all flew away with their own group.To each his own is a survival tool and there is nothing wrong with it.The important thing is that they allowed each a God given right to life, a right to co-exist.

RACISM is a negative mind-set that has been taught and passed down thur the generations, of hate and division, to try to control another group of people. It only causes problems and reflects the ignorance and inferiority complex of those attempting to force their beliefs on others. It can be verbal, physical, mental, subliminal or spiritual. However it is used it causes harm and division. It is a violation of a human right to exist. GOD FORBID!

President OBAMA gave a response on a current incident that happened to Henry Gates, he said “Racism is a factor in our society”. Here we are in 2009 as a free nation and we are still stuck on stupid. It doesn’t have to be this way and we as the human race must change this.

We  can stop all the racial hate only when we look for the things that we all have in common.We all need to live and we can only get it from each other,  “Human kind” that sustaines us all. Yeah! we need each other. It’s the Blood, we all have the same blood and as the Bible states ‘That Life is in the blood and without it we cease to exist. Here is a quick test: Try to have a blood transfrusion with any animal, Ape, dog, horse, lion or any other animal and see if you will survive.We must learn to co-exist and the very importance to do so as a human race, not based on the color of our skin  but on what we all have in common. This is life and it comes in multiracial color. Let us all learn this lesson today and that is that WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT TO ONE ANOTHER AND WE HAVE A HUMAN RIGHT TO EXIST AND TO LIFE.My black blood just might save you, or your families life and if you have a problem with that GO TALK TO GOD!! As Walter Cronkite would say ‘THAT’S THE WAY IT IS’.***

Let’s Stop the Madness,

Frankly Fran

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Frankly Fran, North Amarillo Now


  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    I agree with you, Fran.
    However I truly feel that racist must be divided in to two distinct groups.

    1. racist and smart
    2. racist and stupid

    Far too long the “racist and stupid” group has been overlooked as a subset of the racist. It is my belief that the “racist and stupid” can be re-educated and re-directed to become productive members of our global society.

    We should make every attempt to reach the “racist and stupid” before the “racist and smart” can fully weave them in to the evil fabric of racism.