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by Barbaraann Rakestraw

Before we begin the discussion of hair growth, please let me state in no uncertain terms that there’s no such thing as instant hair growth. There are NO EXTERNAL PRODUCTS or MAGIC Pills you can consume to make your natural hair grow from very short to down your back in a short amount of time. So don’t “drink the Kool-aid”! If you find yourself in a situation where you prefer long hair instead of short hair, like a special occasional where you require a desired look, there are temporary alternatives. I’ll discuss those alternatives in a future article. For now, I’ll stick to the subject of growing your natural hair.

The average black person’s hair grows from ¼ to ½ inch per month. If you wear hair color or a chemical relaxer, it’s easier to notice by the amount of new growth. Doing the math, you can expect your hair to grow, 3 to 6 inches per year. The exact rate is going to depend on your genetics. Of course, this assumes you’re taking good care of your hair and keeping it healthy. (Please refer to the “Breaking Hair” article.)

Mostly your rate of hair growth is predetermined by genetics, yet there are some factors you control which also influence hair growth. Since your hair is largely made up of protein, it’s very important to include protein in your diet. A good healthy and balanced diet is essential to promoting hair growth. Next is your overall health. Your hair reflects your health. When you glow with health, so does your hair. After you’ve taken care of the inside, make sure you pay attention to the outside. In other words, proper handling of you hair is also required. This means staying away from excessive heat, conditioning and getting ends clipped as required. Work a scalp massage into your routine once or twice a week. This will stimulate the hair follicles located under the surface of your scalp and the place where your hair roots reside. It only takes a couple of minutes out of your day to encourage circulation and promote growth. Most important, add moisturizer when needed. Your hair shaft, the strand, needs nutrients. Your hair texture will determine whether you accomplish this with hair grease, hair oil or moisturizing lotion. Use whatever it takes to feed your tresses.

This may seem like a lot. However, you’re probably doing most, if not all, already. A few minor adjustments to your routine and you’ll be on your way to longer hair. Keep in mind longer hair takes years.
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These products are for all black hair types (natural, chemically relaxed, pressed). They are produced with essential oils to replenish your hairs’ natural nutrients. If you go to a hair salon, take the products with you or use them at home. Your hair will stop breaking after the first couple of uses. Guaranteed!

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