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by Tony Johnson


The “King of R&B” R. Kelly has released his 11th studio project “Write Me Back” which is a continuation of his last throwback project “Love Letter”

Now before you start bashing my review from all you R. Kelly fans just hear me out before you start firing machine guns and throwing hand grenades..LOL!

I heard R. Kelly say on Centric that musically he’s now on another level and tend to make music that’s more grown and mature and let the younger generation carry out his “old style” and there’s nothing wrong with that because R. Kelly is a incredible talented and gifted musician & vocalist.

Listening to “Write Me Back” I couldn’t help but to CRACK UP with laughter and said “HE CAN”T BE SERIOUS” because every song reminds me of another artist of the past. Maybe if I was forewarned that this was a “Tribute Album” then I wouldn’t had the element of surprise but I should have known that R. Kelly is not afraid to flip the script which makes him the genius he is but this project sounds like more of a parody where he’s just having fun imitating old school artists rather than being himself and making a really sincere project. Don’t believe me, Let’s check out the song list.

1. “Love Is”- Sounds like a combination of Barry White & Teddy Pendergrass

2. “Feelin’ Single”- Sounds Like “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers

3. “Lady Sunday”- Sounds Like a “Gamble & Huff” produced song for the O’Jay’s

4. “When A Man Lies” Sounds like a combination of Al Green & The Spinners

5. “Clipped Wings”- Sounds like something Stevie Wonder would do

6. “Believe That It’s So”- The first half of the song sounds like “Always” by Stevie Wonder then he goes into his “Steppin” groove

7. “Fool For You”- Without a doubt Smokey Robinson

8. “All Rounds On Me”- Sounds like a combination of Ray Charles & Elvis Presley

9. “Believe In Me”- This song reminds me of “There’s Goes My Baby” by Usher

10. “Green Light”- Without a doubt The Isley Brothers f/ Ron Isley

11. “Party Jumpin'” Sounds like Lil’ Anthony & The Imperials (Remember “Happy Days” the sitcom…LOL)

12. “Share My Love”- Sounds like Old School Barry White

(Deluxe Version)

13. “Beautiful In This Mirror” Sounds Like Michael Jackson

14. “You Are My World” Sounds Like Michael Jackson (Actually I believed R. Kelly wrote these tracks for MJ before his death)

15. “Fallin’ From The Sky”- This is the ONLY song that sounds like an original R. Kelly project

16.”One Step Closer” Sounds Like “Distant Lover” by Marvin Gaye

Let me address for the past 10 yrs R&B music has really gone downhill with all this generic cheesy computer programmed stuff and not enough REAL musicians playing REAL instruments and singing about Real substance like “LOVE” so when someone like R. Kelly comes out and make songs that are soulful people are quick to jump on the train by saying “NOW THAT’S REAL MUSIC” ..

When I review songs. I DO NOT. I repeat “I DO NOT” get caught up in the artist. I listen to the quality of the songs and how it appeals to me and “Write Me Back” is not a bad project if you like the creative side of R. Kelly being able to take songs and make them sound like the Old School artists of yesterday and I’m sure he was heavily influenced by them but because of the lack of originality of R. Kelly just being himself “Write Me Back” overall does NOTHING for me.

There are a few songs I really “Lady Sunday”, “Fool For You”, “You Are My World” & “One Step Closer” but all the rest is just a good listening project but nothing that will make me jump up and do cart wheels. I’m not saying that R. Kelly is NOT a top notch artist but “Write Me Back” is far from being a top notch project to my ears but to each is own.

Now you can start firing your machine gun and don’t forget to pull the pin out of the grenade..LOL!

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