The Beautiful People on The Weather Channel

– L. Arthalia Cravin

The Weather Channel should be renamed “Weather and More” because there’s a lot more going on than the weather. More and more I find myself flipping to The Weather Channel to get away from the “talking heads” on cable and network television and a host of other assorted “too sexually explicit” or “too dumb” shows. As they say, the folks at The Weather Channel have “got it going on.”

For starters, there are some good-looking, well-dressed folks working on The Weather Channel. These “ain’t no” blue jeans and t-shirts folks. These folks wear some fine rags. Nick Walker (pictured above) wears the best suits on television. That man knows how to dress. He was born in Ft. Worth, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of North Texas, and then gravitated from regular television broadcasting to the weather. Then there’s gorgeous Vivian Brown (also pictured above). She was born in Jackson, Mississippi, went to Jackson State and became interested in the meteorology after becoming curious about cloud and thunderstorm formations. Even Al Roker has joined the Weather Channel. He has his own “Wake up With Al” early morning segment—and Al is one well-dressed man. There are a lot of other super people on the weather channel. Mike Bettes has more fun giving the weather than anyone I know. Then there’s Jim Cantore, aka, “the body”—when he’s giving his reports– who cares what he’s saying. Dr. Greg Forbes is the senior of the bunch, but his vast array of knowledge makes his mundane reports worth listening to. It was Dr. Forbes who explained that the high winds that recently blew across the middle of the country were a “derecho.” I never heard of a derecho, other than the Spanish word for “right,” until Dr. Forbes explained exactly what type of weather system produced hurricane force winds reaching 300 miles wide and cutting a 600 mile path from Indiana to Washington, D. C. There are other super stars on the Weather Channel including Stephanie Abrams, and Paul Goodloe—this man also knows how to “ put on a suit,” Bryan Norcross, Alex Wallace, and many others. Check them out yourself under “personalities” on The Weather Channel website.

You can learn a lot from watching The Weather Channel which originates in Atlanta, Georgia and has become to go-to channel for up-to-date, and follow-up, information on severe weather. After other network and cable outfits have packed up and left the scene it is the weather channel that returns to keep viewers informed about the aftermath. The Weather Channel is also a place to become weather savvy from its daily programming line-up that includes segments called, “Storm Riders,” that features people who chase storms and take us inside bad weather as it develops; “It Could Happen Tomorrow,” a show about natural disasters that could hit at any time, anywhere, such as tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and hurricanes; “Full Force Nature,” also about nature’s wrath; “Life Guard,” about beach water accidents and rescues, “ and other programs that explain what is happening with unusual weather. Weather Center Live brings all the latest information on weather systems and patterns across the country. These folks are full-force tech ready with a wide range of options to keep you informed of local weather, for posting current weather photos in your own area, and for keeping up with weather happening .

Check out The Weather Channel—you’ll be glad you did.

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