Tony Johnson » Feelin’ Today: Chris Brown – Fortune

by Tony Johnson

Chris Brown released his 5th studio project “Fortune”. Actually I really don’t have much to say about this other than it being just another trendy “New Generation Pop” project from start to finish.

I guess I’m just disturbed on how I see this new style of music being geared towards the new generation IF you choose to call this REAL music. .

Chris Brown does have some decent songs like “Strip”, “2012”, “Til I Die”, “Mirage”, “Biggest Fan” & “Remember My Name” but everything else DO NOT captivate my attention.

The activity of Chris Brown’s personal life is by far more interesting & entertaining than this project. Although I think he’s an extremely gifted performer and a decent singer. My outlook about “Fortune” is pretty much the same on how I reviewed the Usher “Looking 4 Myself” project in which I was highly disappointed.

I’m sure Chris Brown will have fans who will support this project regardless but unfortunately I’m just not impressed with “Fortune”


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