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by Tony Johnson

Ramona Parker aka Ms. Melodie of Boogie Down Productions (1969 – July 17, 2012)

Rap Diva Ms. Melodie, a member of the pioneering hip-hop group Boogie Down Productions, has died. She was 43.

Multiple music industry websites reported that Ms. Melodie died July 17. The cause of her death was not immediately disclosed.

The Brooklyn-born entertainer, whose real name is Ramona Parker, was the ex-wife of rapper KRS-One.

In 1988, Ms. Melodie released her first single “Hype According to Ms. Melodie,” and then a full album, “Diva,” a year later on Jive Records.

One of rap’s first female emcees, Ms. Melodie was also known for her 1989 hit single “Self Destruction” and her groundbreaking video “Live on Stage.”

She even made a cameo in Queen Latifah’s video, “Ladies First.”

Ms. Melodie often used her rhymes to speak out against violence in the rap industry.

“I’m Ms. Melodie and I’m a born again rebel/The violence in rap must cease and seckle,” she rapped on “Self Destruction.”

Rapper D-Nice stated, “I had a pleasant conversation w/ Ms. Melodie a month ago. The last thing she said me to me was “I’m proud of you.” The love we all had for each other was genuine. Along the way, some of us lost focus. The love in my heart remained. Scott La Rock, KRS-One, D-Nice, Ms Melodie, & the rest of the BDP crew will always be a part of hip-hip history.”
Ms Melodie was a native of Brooklyn, NY and is survived by two sons.

Information source- NY Times

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