Mitt Romney’s Sixth Sheep is Sick!!

– L. Arthalia Cravin

If you know tongue-twisters, I’m sure you’ve heard of “She sells sea shells by the sea shore,” “The Big Black Bear Bleeds Bloods, “and of course, “The sixth sheik’s sixth’s sheep is sick.” Well, Mr. Aristocrat, Mitt Romney has upset a whole nation of Brits with his loose lips about “Olympic preparedness.” Is this man stupid of what?

What Mitt did by talking about “his hopes” that the Olympic organizers have taken certain precautions is about the same as being invited to dinner and questioning the sufficiency of the host’s kitchen cleanliness to warrant you sitting at the table to eat. Mitt, you are a guest at the Olympics, you are not the main menu. What right do you have to try to draw attention to the fact that you had something to do with the Utah Olympics? We know you “helped” with the Utah Olympic games—we get it. Get over yourself. I applaud the British official who hit back telling Mitt in no uncertain terms that organizing an Olympics in one of the busiest places on earth cannot be compared to organizing an Olympics game in the “middle of nowhere.” Touché for the Brits!!

Mitt, as a representative of the American people, stop being an embarrassment to this country. When you go to the Olympic Games just take you seat among “the commoners” and cheer for the athletes. And, in case you are inclined to have trouble with keeping your big mouth shut, just sit in your seat and repeat this tongue twister: Mitt’s sixth sheep is sick, Mitt’s sixth sheep is sick.” And by the way Mitt, you have to say it real fast!!

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