{Music Corner} Gitt Swift – Tighten Up

by Tony Johnson

There is always something special about a teenage talent who shines like the sun. Their presence and talent is undeniable and can be noticed at first site. Tampa, Fla.-based rapper/ dancer/ actor Gitt Swift is the epitome of that teenage talent; he’s nothing less than a teenage phenomenon.

And he is soon to show the world what central Florida has been witnessing for years with his upcoming King House Records-released independent debut single and music video “Tighten-Up.”

Born Sayquon Devonte King, in the small town of Hawkinsville, Ga., the youngster relocated to the sunny city of Tampa, Fla. at only a year old after his mother packed up a U-Haul and headed further South in search of a better opportunity for her family.

Those opportunities were found shortly after at the age of four when Sayquon was introduced to the world of entertainment. Gitt Swift was given a rare opportunity to perform a lead role in an urban-produced film “Stuck On Broke.” Gleaming on stage, the entire audience and cast members recognized that God had graced this kid with an extraordinary talent to entertain.

From then on, Gitt Swift excelled in any form of talent display that he could take part in. He would attend concerts headlining artist like Famous Kid Brick, Canton Jones and Mr. Del, former member of the Oscar-winning, platinum-selling rap group Three 6 Mafia, and by any means necessary, Gitt Swift would find his way to the stage and steal the show with his distinctive dance moves.

He made such an impact that Mr. Del would later start requesting Gitt Swift’s presence to dance on stage any time he performed in the Tampa Bay area. This is where he earned the name Gitt Swift. Because he was young and fearless on stage, people always would say “man, that gitt (meaning youngster) is swift.”

Well-grounded and encouraged by his family, Gitt Swift picked up a microphone. And within a few weeks, he had written more than 20 songs, which were shortly formed into his debut mixtape History in the Making.

With brewing expectations from the kids at the local high schools, churches and a couple thousand Facebook followers, Gitt Swift sold a few hundred copies as soon as the mixtape was unleashed.

Now with a more-defined ambition and some industry experience, Gitt Swift and his family formed independent label King House Records and a publishing company. Now, Gitt Sift is set to release his new debut single and video “Tighten-Up” in July 2012. Followed by his forthcoming mixtape History In The Making Vol.2, due this Fall.

With such a positive but jamming sound and an explosive stage presence, Gitt Swift has been sought after to perform for thousands at concerts, schools, parties, churches, colleges, hair competitions and fashion shows. Gitt Swift has also been graced with the opportunity to perform at Oprah Winfrey’s Boys and Girls Club in her home town in Kosciusko, Miss., the Southern Entertainment Awards in Memphis, Tenn., Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Fla. and Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in the center of downtown Tampa.

Gitt Swift is clearly not just another rapper but an astounding entertainer with an inspiring dream of one day selling out arenas like the late great Michael Jackson. With all due respect to the work ethic of artists that Gitt Swift has grown to love like T.I., Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, Gitt Swift has personally vowed to make elite, industry-standard music without cursing or degrading women.

“I want to be the one to change the game and make it cool to make good positive music,” he says.

And he is well on his way to doing just that with his upcoming King House Records-released independent debut single and music video “Tighten-Up.”

His music has a rare but brilliant approach because fans are able to jam it in the clubs, riding with the fellows or ladies in the car or with their adolescent children. That puts Gitt Swift in a class of his own. Through him, the industry is graced with another uncommon talent of lyrical skills mixed with an extraordinary dance game and a courageous acting ability. Most importantly, God has given Gitt Swift a genuine love and passion to entertain people.

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