Response from United Supermarket re $4 Million Summer Giveaway Game.

– L. Arthalia Cravin

Following is the response just received from United Supermarket for the winner’s list from the just ended $4 million summer game. United sent this information via email with three attachments—a “High Level Guest Winners’ List,” a “Guest Low Level Winner’s List,” and a list of its stores by number. We are posting only the “High Level” winners.

As you can see the “guaranteed to be awarded” $250,000 cash prize has not been awarded. Instead there is an alternative plan for awarding that money on October 8, 2012, that is available only to people who registered for the online game. My initial response in reviewing the “High Level Guest Winners’ List” was the total absence of anyone winning most of the truly “high level” prizes above $10,000. I would not characterize a “130 Ipod Nano” as a “high level” prize. Also you will note that United did not calculate the total amount awarded, but instead told me to do it myself. We will do this for them and again show that United Supermarket did not award prizes anywhere near the $4 million promotion. I will post a follow-up column about this game and how United Supermarket is itself profiting from running these type promotional games.

“Ms. Cravin —

I am attaching all the winners to date in our summer game. Participants have until Sept. 28 to turn in prize claim forms, either for the in-store game or the on-line game. We have not given away the $250,000 grand prize yet — if no one claims the grand prize by Sept. 28, we will conduct a drawing for that winner on Oct. 8 — in order to be eligible for that drawing, participants must have registered as on online game participant.

Please note: our marketing team member who manages the summer game has been on vacation (just back in the office today), so there are certainly many winners that came in while she was gone that are not on these lists. Also………..please note that the “Low Level Winners” are listed in individual spreadsheets according to the prize level.

By the way, I’m also attaching a list of our stores, so you can see which locations are referenced according to their store number.

Since you now have a list of all the winners to date, you may calculate the total dollar value we have paid out thus far.

Eddie Owens, MA, APR
Director, Communications & Public Relations
United Supermarkets, L.L.C.

Click to view High Level Guest Winners-2 (9-17-12)

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