Rapper Ervin McKinness Tweets ‘YOLO,’ Dies Minutes Later

As if the phrase “YOLO” hadn’t pervaded hip-hop culture enough, it has now made its way into one of the saddest news stories of this year. Aspiring rapper Inkyy, born Ervin McKinness, used the acronym in a tweet on his Twitter page earlier this month while speeding dangerously in a vehicle and was subsequently killed in a fatal car accident.

McKinness, 21, posted his dangerous activities from the account ink2flashyy at 1:19AM on Sept. 2, using the infamous Drake lyric as an excuse for his risky behavior. The phrase is an acronym for “You Only Live Once,” cited by Drake in his song “The Motto.”

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Editorial Note: The city of Amarillo took the first steps earlier this month on a citywide ban on cellphone usage while driving. Although McKinness’ accident wasn’t a direct result of driving and using a handheld device it does bring to light the results of irresponsible behavior within a motor vehicle.  Voice your opinion.

Do you support the city of Amarillo cellphone ban?

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Total Voters: 9

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