Mitt Romney Goes for the Fake Tan Look in…

Dear Mitt Romney,

George Hamilton called. He wants his fake tan back. Donald Trump might sue you for infringing on his trademark look. Snooki, however, might think you need a bit more lip gloss. You know, just to balance out the orange.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know about the recent release of tapes in which an attendee recorded Romney dissing 47 percent of the population and kinda, sorta wishing he was “born of Mexican parents” so he could get the Latino vote. If you haven’t seen it, well, then there’s a link below for your enjoyment.

Anyway, the Romney campaign is scrambling to appeal to a wide variety of voters, and his latest attempt is disingenuous at best. During an appearance at in Miami during a televised show called “Meet the Candidate,” his face appeared a sickly dark orange color that contrasted awkwardly with his much more pale hands and wrists. His demeanor was uncomfortable, and he fumbled over issues important to Hispanics, especially deportation and immigration.

The campaign has been struggling in recent days, and the former head of Bain doubled down on his remarks about not really caring for that 47 percent. In his Univision appearance, though, he tried to reassure potential voters that he wanted to be president for 100 percent of the people. Hmmm.

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