Frankly Fran

by Fransetta Crow

HEALTH CARE REFORM ,It’s  called : SABOTAGE” and this could be the biggest challenge for President OBAMA ,short of having to declare another war. Well maybe that is what he has already done . I don’t mean on another country but right here in good old United states of America. I expressed this thought to a friend and he looked at me as if I had slapped his face. ” Well I said , Look at the reaction  that people have displayed concerning the HEALTH CARE REFORM issue, What are they so angry about”? The TOWN HALL meetings have gotten out of control, “Have everybody gone crazy” ?

” Look! Here is the real deal ,we all are apart of it and the remendy is going to affect all of us, no matter how we feel about Health Care Reform. We all realize, something has to be done, to fix this problem sonner or later “.

My friend just stared at me for a few seconds and then he said ” You know I can see what you are really saying “.  ” This is opening up Pandoras Box, it is giving everyone that still had some unleashed, pinned up anger that was not resolved during the election an avenue to vent.” They are still upset because he won”. Those Town Hall Meetings are meerly people that are not informed on the plan and have not allowed everyone a chance to get a complete understanding of what the plan is about. IT’S UN AMERICAN says Nancy Pelosi, It’s an attemp to stop or block another persons right to speak or be heard. Many Special Interest organizations are using scare tactics  to stir up a storm of anger and confrusion. We also need to add a new word to the dictionary UNIPOLITICS , yes thats what I said. No one can really claim one Political Party. One day you are a Democrat and the next you are a Blue Dog Democrat, or today you are a Republican or Liberal or an Independent. They all change with the wind, and when it suits their mood swing, now we have a mess , we might as well forget about the Political Parties or process and become uncivilized as we are acting now!  Many of the people that are protesting againist this issue are againist ANYTHING that OBAMA will do or attemp to accomplish because they are part of a group of people attempting to SABOTAGE his term in office. It’s a ploy being used by the Republicans and others in the media to hurt and try to destroy any good that would prove that OBAMA Is doing well and his second 100 days have been successful. I wish I cared about SARA PALIN and her mean little game of politics. She disappoints me each time she opens her mouth or shows upon the scene. Where did she come up with the concept of  a ” DEATH PANEL”? She continously confirms that she is not presidental material, She should just go somewhere and take a coffee break. We are talking about APPLES and ORANGES here and it’s not about Health Care Reform, but people that would rather see a Political WAR in our Country at a time when we should be pulling together as a country to survive the Economic Crisis that we are dealing with and Mr. OBAMA is trying to fix. He did not create this monster and Americans need to give him a chance to fix it.

Check This Out….If you haven’t figured it out yet, let me bring you up to date on this issue. Bottom line is that the Health Care Reform is going to pass as soon as the INSURANCE CO., PHARMACUTIAL Co., and our GOVERNMENT work out the Main Factor MONEY!!!! So let”s stop the fuss and  Have A GOOD DAY!  I need somebody to tell me what you think so Email me  and let’s talk about it!

Talking to the Masses,

Frankly Fran

Copyright 2009 – Fransetta Crow. All rights Reserved. No part of this commentary may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.

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Frankly Fran


  1. avatar Iras Grayson says:

    Hey Sister Fran,
    Just read your column about the healthcare issue and girl you know your telling the truth. Everything’s getting out of control, and it’s nice to see good people taking notice and documenting the truth. I love ya for speaking truth to power and i’ll holla at you later.