Politics and Religion-They don’t mix! or do they?

by Fransetta Crow OK !!!  I’ve heard this statement all my life about  when  you are engaded in conversation with persons in public to never discuss Religion or Politics. Well I have tried very hard to avoid the subject but today I can no longer be quiet on this matter. So I ask the question , what do the two have in common? How has the two affected our world and lives today?  There is such a close relationship between the two that most people don’t or refuse to look at the similarities. They make decisions and react based on the other. This affects all and most of the time it brings on bad decisions and usually unproductive results. ” Mankind”, from the beginning has always desired, persued and basically needed to have two systems in place , no matter how primative or prehistoric. They need a leader and they wanted a GOD or some enity to worship. Most people will agree that this principal still applies today in our modern society,and this is where the problem lies. It has created more division in the world than any other issue in the world. Let’s take a minute to look at the RELIGIOUS side of this conversation. Most of mankind don’t want GOD, and find it hard to worship or follow the laws or principals passed down through time of the UNSEEN GOD. They want something that they can see and touch. I dare not mention that all the religions that man has put in place have failed and is at a critical crossroads as we speak. WHY? Because  Christanity, Catholic and the Muslim Religions have all failed to accomplish what Gods plan and purpose for mankind is. ORGANIZED RELIGION was never GOD’S intention for man and as a result  man has used it to decieve, divide, destroy and cause irreversible damage and harm to one another as human beigns.  Now you are probably saying, what has this to do with Politics? Ok let’s talk about how the evil wheel of Politics overlaps the issue. Most people involved in POLITICS claim or profess some type of religion and will use their beliefs to influence their decisions when making Laws that affect the masses based on what they belive, not on the Spiritual Laws That GOD passed down for man to live by and  that rule society and mankind. Because we have ignored sound instructions we have caused our world to become a troubled, unsafe and unhappy place. We have decided to allow Leaders who have their own agenda to rule. The Church has failed and has allowed this to happen. GODS Plan has been aborted  and he has been dethroned for Leaders that profess to be ordained and inspired of God,within our Churches and our Political system . They are infact wolves in sheep clothing. What a mess we have now, not just in America, but all over the world based on ORGANIZED RELIGION which is the 2nd problem that exist in the World and  is the major source inside our Government and the Political arena that has so many people angry and rebelling aganist the issues that threatens the PEACE, TRANQUILITY AND PROSPERITY OF MANKIND and America today. All the changes that are taking place in our system and world is based on POLITICS and RELIGION, NOT GOD’ s LAWS. That’s why everything is out of CONTROL! I just wish I could find someone who feel like I do and will say YES! to the truth and tell someone else to seek GOD, not man but GOD,  and Will tell our Leaders to stop mixing ORGANIZED RELIGION WITH POLITICS!!! Has History taught us anything?  It’s Time to SEEK GOD’S FACE!! Man Can’t FIX THE PROBLEM, Only GOD.

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God Gives us Wisdom to survive !!

 Frankly Fran

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Frankly Fran