Calling all Gardeners – Get Ready to Plant Veggies

– L. Arthalia Cravin

watermelon 2010

You don’t need much space to grow nice vegetables. But, whatever the size of your garden, now is the time to turn your soil, and add whatever soil conditioners you think you need. Now is the time to whip out the tiller or the spade and turn the soil over to loosen it so that water can reach the roots of your plants. A lot of Panhandle soil is heavy compacted clay, even that stuff called caliche, which is almost like cement.

Early spring is the time to get ready to plant the veggies that prefer cool spring weather. Spinach, kale, beets, carrots, lettuce, and some greens prefer cool weather. They do not do well in hot weather, especially spinach. Now is also the time to plant onion sets or onion bulbs. Some Amarillo yards already have bulb flowers in bloom, so this is a sign to plant early spring plants.

The only question for almost every gardener is “will it rain” enough for us to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Lately the long drought that starts in early spring and lasts throughout the summer months prevents many vegetables from maturing. So, even the most careful of soil preparation, without sufficient rain, gardens just don’t do well. Then there is the question of will the bees show up? Without bees some veggies, such as squash and other plants, don’t get pollinated so they don’t produce fruit. Still we plant and hope. We hope for bountiful gardens, especially delicious tomatoes. When we visit the farmer’s market and see the rising prices of fresh vegetables we feel even more compelled to grow our own. So, now is the time to get started. And pray for rain!!

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