by Fransetta Crow

Hello, for those of you that do not know me, let me take this moment to introduce myself.  My name is FRANSETTA CROW, I am a 59 year old Black female, a native of Amarillo Texas and have been an active citizen and have served my city and community for over 35 or more. I have been a law abiding citizen and have played by the rules as a team player, for the betterment of my community and city.  Many people in Amarillo, have met me or know me from serving or working together on a committee, or as a volunteer here in the city.

There is an old saying that states “YOU CAN’T LEAD WHERE YOU CAN’T GO AND YOU CAN’T TEACH WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW”!  Well, I can truly say that I have experienced racism all my life, and like most Black Americans you learn to live with it and suffer quietly and go on, but this time this recent experience did something to me on the inside and it has changed me and has hurt me in a way that words cannot express. I’ve Lost HOPE in my city and country.

On August 25, 2009 my CIVIL RIGHTS were violated. I was Victimized , Discriminated against by employees and Harrased and Threatened  by a customer in my attempt to utilize a service that is suposed to be open to the public  FEDEX KINKO now FEDEX OFFICE  located at 3801 Olsen Suite 2, Amarillo Tx. This experience has changed my life and my view on the fact that DISCRIMINATION and RACIAL HATE is ALIVE AND WELL RIGHT HERE  RIGHT NOW IN 2009 and my spirit is grived . This has affected me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many people who read this will not understand why I am addressing this matter, but you would feel different if  your Mother, Sister, Wife, Daughter, Aunt, Cousin or Niece  was submitted to the treatment that I was subjected to. I did attempt to file a formal complaint, to no avail and I did try to find legal assistance here in Amarillo with zero success. I Wish I could Find someone to help me stand up to this company and advocate for my rights as a Human Being and a Consumer with equal rights to speak and have the safety as a consumer in a public place in America and for those in the future who are victims of Consumer ABRUSE.

My rights have been violated based on the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964, and The HATE CRIMES STATISTICS ACT of 1990. We all have a constitunal right to be treated equal under the Law.

Discrimination is treating someone different because of Race, Ethnic and Cultural differences or Physical disadvantages. Harrashment is unwelcomed behavior that creates an intimidating, hostile and an offensive enviorment that is  created by another person. Hate Crimes are crimes committed aganist a person because of race . Racism is a type of discrimination and is often subtle, but the person who is the victim is forced to accept and endure the assualt and intimindation with little or no recourse.

“”BLACK MIDDLE- CLASS RAGE””, is based on poor service, treated with disrespect, refusal of service. This is not flat denial of service but is insidious to lesser treatment, bad service, or disrespectful behavior toward a person of a different race. It is known as racial intolerance. This type of subliminal treatment is HUMILATING RACIAL INJUSTICE and  leaves a feeling of VICTIMIZATION. I know that I am not the only African American that has been a victim and are still told to believe in the American system, yet are violated daily. This experience has only confirmed to me that after all that has been done, by Martin Luther King and many others that have stood and fought for CIVIL RIGHTS for over 400 or more years, that I AM STILL NOT FREE because MY HUMAN RIGHTS ARE STILL BEING VIOLATED and my FIRST AMMENDMENT RIGHT! I am told by my government that it’s ok and then it is swept under the carpret as if it is not happening. If you have a complaint and have experienced  a problem with service and or treatment with a company you need to speak out and let others know what you have had to endure in your city. Talk about it on TWITTER, FACEBOOK or anywhere you can tell the public and OH YES ! by all means DON’T PATRONIZE THESE BUSINESSES! I plan in the future to publicly list all and any business that violate me , so should anyone else, these people are not above the law and they need to be held accountable . FEDEX OFFICE if you don’t want African American business why don ‘t you POST IT TO THE PUBLIC instead of allowing your employees and upper management to mistreat your customers and then blow it off as if you would a dog. I am A Human Being, I am not an Animal. I am A Mother, Daughter,Wife, Sister, Aunt, Cousin and a niece. May God Have Mercy on you.

Stand up for your Rights!

Frankly Fran

Copyright 2009 – Fransetta Crow. All rights Reserved. No part of this commentary may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.

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Frankly Fran


  1. avatar Sharon Hale Frazier says:

    Francetta, it looks as though not only you have had a problem with Kinko’s but also someone else. I noticed that Amarillo still has an NAACP. Has this been reported to anyone there? The ball doesn’t need to be dropped on this one. You two should get together and advise someone at the NAACP. Then stay on “them” until you see some sort of action has been taken.

  2. avatar Wanda Williams says:

    What did Fedex do to you, Fransetta? There may be grounds for a lawsuit.

  3. avatar Iras says:

    Business grants, loans for minorities. Amarillo is behind the times in race relations and improvement. As a native of amarillo the status quo appears to like things just the way they are. Last spring, i had reason to use the services at Kinkos for a school project. What I experienced was staff indifference when i asked for help using the computer system. What ever the reason was, as a consumer after i had purchased time twice, I decided it was a waste of time and money and I left.I know it didn’t effect Kinkos bottom line, me not taking my business to them, but as a graphic artist I decided they won’t effect, or affect mine. I pray for this city, with it’s sad history of racial inequality. Many of the best and brightest of this towns minority youth move out to prevent getting caught up in the low wage work environment, be over worked & under paid, or a penal system that at best needs to be dissected when it comes to the issue of how minorities are being (for lack of better words), railroaded. YES!, racism is alive and still a fat rat in our,city,state,and country and we’re all going to live together in heaven one day, but we first just have to learn how to do it in our lifetime here on earth.
    Sista Iras

  4. avatar LaRae Wright says:

    Also, it does not matter the size of the population. One person can make a difference and my fight is far from over. The backlash from me speaking out has has been very serious and highly intimidating. I will not discuss details due to pending legal action, but one act is still visible to my passenger side door of my work vehicle. I am only one victim of pure hatred in Midland, Texas. There was also a cross burning in a family’s yard (who still has to be protected from being identified) that happened two miles from my home. The worst part of this whole ordeal; my son was with me when we saw the noose at my workplace. I cannot begin to explain the anguish that still grips my soul seeing his face and the utter shame. We have an obligation to use any LEGAL means necessary to fight racisim. GOD and the struggles of those before me and ahead of me has been my sources of strength. African-Americans have been murdered for my right to fight. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was bought with a price of human death and suffering. We still have an abundance of work to do. The DREAM is still in formation.

  5. avatar LaRae Wright says:

    I completely understand and feel free to search and use “hangman’s noose in CPS office” and you wil find my story of incredible pain I experienced at my former place of employment. Remember, this is an agency that removes children and are olbigated by law to protect children. I will never be the same after this experience.

  6. avatar Sharon Hale Frazier says:

    Hello Francetta,I see hasn’t much changed in the fair city of “Big A”. As Wanda stated, I can’t tell what atually happened but I know that whatever it was truly affected you. Granted, Amarillo has a very small black population. But it also has alot of black churches. It doesn’t take but a hand full to form a protest infront of an office. I’m sure there are a few whites who feel that discrimination should be a thing of the past. Picket, and tell people that they discriminate against minorities. Slow the flow of business. If nothing else, people will stay away because they “don’t want to get involved”. I’m sure you have someone there who is an advocate for people when they have been done wrong. (You know, some news person, all cities have one) Report it to whomever you can. Let it be know that i’s not appreciated and will not be tolerated.

  7. avatar Wanda Williams says:

    I could not determine the facts from your article, so I can not address your complaint. You have to calm down and slow walk them to death. You are in hard place because there is less then a 4% blacks in Amarillo, so some business find it unprofitable to be concerned about you or your patronage. However, on a national level it is a different story. Go online and find the addresses of this business’ people in power, then write them until your printer runs out of ink and you cannot buy any more. Write the National BBB and other consumer groups, as well as the Texas Attorney General Consumer Unit. Also, I would submit a guest editorial on the general topic to the Globe. If they don’t print it, ….o well. Hope that helps you, now go get ‘um.