The Price is Right Coming to Amarillo – My Own Experience

After I posted the column on my experience with going to the Price Is Right Show, I remembered a few more things. First of all when I went the show taped two shows a day—one around 10 a.m. the other at 2:30. So the reason for the long lines and long wait was for the folks who arrived around midnight to leave after the 10 a.m. taping. Well, as I stood in line with a bunch of other folks, sure enough out came the 10 o’clockers—some of then pointing to a woman saying “She won a car.” Well some of us said, Hooray, they ought to give everybody a car for putting up with all this just to get inside.

The other thing I remembered about standing in line is that The Price is Right line monitors told us to take a good look at the person in front and behind you. Remember their faces because you had to stay put in the line precisely where they told you to stand. Well, a bunch of us muttered “un-nice” things under our breath about all this regimentation. But, to win a car or a pot of money we were willing put up with anything.

Well, inside I remembered something else. I was surprised that the studio only held 200 people. On television the audience looks like hundreds. After they “pumped us up” with a stand-up comedian to get us all excited for the cameras to pan across a screaming audience as the show opens, I remembered the post cards. Before we left we were given a post card to send home to “the folks” to let them know we had been on the Price is Right. Well, not really “on” but at. Then I remembered that we were told that the shows taped that day wouldn’t air for months. Well, hooray again. I forgot to even try to watch to see myself months down the road.

So for all the Amarillo folks, here are a few other tidbits about getting on the show. Dress conservative—don’t wear outrageous high heel shoes or revealing tight fitting clothes showing a lot of cleavage. Wear sneakers and loose tops—preferable without a lot of political commentary. Cats are the big thing now so a cat T-shirt might get you on stage. Don’t wear loud perform or aftershave. Don’t eat gassy foods before you line up. Don’t eat too much garlic just before the show and don’t drink too much water either. Don’t carry a big old suitcase type purse to the show—wear a fanny pack and leave your purse at home or in the trunk of your car. When I attended cell phone were not “in” so I don’t know what the show says about cell phone but I suspect they will not allow them inside—same thing for cameras. No picture taking during the show. When you get tickets you’ll get a bunch of “do’s and don’ts.”

As I said before, someone said that the best chance to get on the show is to show up with a group of folks of some sort—some type of club—maybe with the club info on the T-shirt. Game shows love high energy and folks who show up as a group already pumped up and excited about any one of them getting on the show. Also, while you are in line don’t talk loud and “ignant.” Stand in line like normal folks and use your inside voice. Keep your tempers in check as you wait and wait. And if you hear your name followed by “Come on down,” after you get on stage remember to say hello to your mother—or your cat.

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