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You know, sometimes little things can be so annoying.

Take, for example, the day I went to help an old friend. Winter was coming on, and he asked me to pack insulation underneath his trailer house, especially around the water pipes. The winter before had been very cold, and more than once the water pipes under his house had frozen. I had spent many hours that winter running heaters under his trailer to thaw the pipes to get the water flowing again. We hoped to be able to get enough insulation tucked up underneath and around the pipes so that we wouldn’t face the same problem in the upcoming winter.

So after work one evening, I started by trying to take off the trailer skirting on the front of the house. I loosened some and then reached a point where it went behind the stairs that led to the front door. I really didn’t want to take the stairs off since I knew that would be a big job.

I tried to pry the stairs out just enough so that I could get the skirting off, but no matter how I tried I couldn’t get it off with the stairs in the way. That was when I considered how annoying little things can be, and resigned myself to the fact that I had no other option but to remove the stairs.

It took a good hour to get them loose, but I was finally able to move them out about a foot. Again I tried to get the skirting off, but I still needed more room. I pulled and tugged and finally moved them out another foot. I still couldn’t get the skirting off. Finally, in frustration, I dragged them out inch by inch until they were about six feet from the trailer. I knew they definitely couldn’t be in the way there.

I got the skirting off and climbed under the trailer house. I was exasperated to find that the pipe ran to the back of the trailer and that it was really the back skirting I needed to take off.

Sometimes little things can be so annoying.

I started the same process on the back of the house and eventually had to move the back stairs. Finally, with everything clear, I was able to climb in to where I could tuck insulation up around the pipes. Carefully I put it all along underneath them, stapling it to the cross beams as I went. It was filthy, hot work. By the time I finished with the insulation, I was itchy and sweaty, and the sun was going down fast.

My throat was parched and cracked, and I desperately needed water, but it was almost impossible to get into the trailer to a faucet where I could get a drink. So I worked as fast as I could to get the back skirting in place. Once I had it where it needed to be, I tugged and pulled and pushed to get the back stairs against the trailer.

Just as the darkness settled in, they were nailed tightly into position, and I could get some water. I was feeling slightly dizzy as I made my way to the kitchen. I drank two full glasses of water and then slowly sipped a third.

My neighbor invited me to take a break and sit down for a visit. I filled one more glass of water and accepted his invitation. After we visited for a while, I figured I should be getting home to my own family.

It wasn’t until I walked out the front door and face planted into the dirt that I remembered I had forgotten to put the front stairs back on.

Sometimes little things can be so annoying.

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