{Music Corner} Lyfe Jennings- Lucid


Lyfe Jennings- Lucid

After a 3 yr hiatus due to a brief imprisonment Lyfe Jennings has released his 5th project “Lucid”

Lyfe Jennings continues his open secret testimonies and real life subject matters for the mature R&B listeners. Every song on this 10 song project has it’s own unique lyrical storyline and musically tasteful from start to finish.

My personal favorites are “I Am”, “College”, “ABC’s”, & “17 to a Million” of course other notable mentions are “Boomerang”, “I Wish”, “Rock” & “When It’s Good”

“Lucid” is one of Lyfe Jennings best projects to date although I personally favor “Lyfe 268-192” and “I Still Believe” but definitely a must have for any Lyfe Jennings fan.

Nice job Lyfe 🙂

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