{Music Corner} (Flashback) Sam Bostic- Soul Supreme

Sam Bostic

Sam Bostic- Soul Supreme

Sam Bostic former lead vocalist of the 90’s trio group “Art N’ Soul” has released his second solo project “Soul Supreme”. (His debut project “Circuitry” was released in 1985) “Soul Supreme” was released overseas in 2008 but finally released in the US in 2011. Unfortunately I just found out about this project a few weeks ago but as the saying goes “Better Late Than Never” because “Soul Supreme” is by far the best project Sam Bostic has done outside of songwriting & producing gold & platinum hits for artists such as the late Tupac Shakur and E-40 as well as other artists out of the Bay area.

“Soul Supreme” is 12 song project that’s dedicated to the true essence of classic soul music which will remind of you of the days of Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, Thom Bell and that whole Philly Soul sound. Bostic does a great rendition of the Stylistics “Break Up 2 Make Up” and he also teams up with another artist who’s dedicated to making true classic soul music Raphael Saadiq on the cut “Zodiac Sign” which happens to be one of my favorites on the project.

Sam Bostic does present a few modernized songs such as “Luv Game”, “1 More Try”, “Take Our Time” & “Sexy Mama” but with the exception of “Take Our Time” those songs seem to fall a little short compared to the rest of the songs on the project but still good and listenable.

My personal favorites are “Get Away”, “Zodiac Sign”, “This Is Your Song”, “Break Up 2 Make Up” & “Take Our Time” other notable mentions are “Still Missing U” & “Sexy Mama”

If you have a strong appreciation for “REAL” classic soul & R&B music you definitely need “Soul Supreme” in your music collection. you certainly WILL NOT be disappointed!

Nice job Sam Bostic 🙂

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