“Preachers of L. A.” cancelled—pressure groups got to the OXYGEN network

Well, the only show I would spend 5 minutes watching on television was cancelled after one episode. As you know I posted a column praising Preachers of L. A. in spite of all the obvious bling-bling. Well, all that bling-bling caused a furor among a “bunch of Christians” claiming that Preachers of L. A. promoted too much “prosperity.” Here are a few of the comments demanding cancellation.

”The kingdom of God is not about luxuriated lifestyles as portrayed in this upcoming program. We need to show the world the core principles of godliness.”

“This is representing Christ too long the Church leaders have focused on the people worshiping them instead of God. In this economy people want to give to ministries that are about the gospel not for you to get your Bentley as the Pastor compromise for money, membership and fame allowing such things as a fashion shows and other foolishness.”

“Because I agree that this is a terrible representation of what a pastor, a shepherd of flock should not display himself in this way!”

“Those preachers don’t seem to be real Christians.”

“Christians against Preachers of LA Thank you for your support! The Oxygen Network has been contacted this week requesting to cancel “The Preachers of LA.” We will notify you periodically of our progress! Continue to pray Saints…our fight has just begun!!”

I looked forward to last Wednesday’s episode of “Preachers of L. A. only to find more of Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix my Life.” What hypocrisy! The viewers of Oxygen willing tune in to a woman, flesh and blood, trying to “fix” other people but object to a show about the snippets of reality showing the cars, houses and clothes some rich preachers have access to. I say to all of these Christian scatter brains, take a long look at the so-called real preachers on television “preaching the gospel truth”—just all about all of them are filthy rich. Joyce Meyers is rich, Creflo Dollar—rich, Joel Osteen, rich, T. D. Jakes, rich. These preachers are living the same rich, bling-bling lifestyle as some the preachers on “Preachers of L. A.” What’s the problem?? Are you so-called Christians gullible to what you don’t see? Why are you upset with seeing wealth that most people desire anyway. Why do so many people line to win the Mega-Millions? What about the winners who have given a full 10 percent right to a church? Does this “tainted money” bother you judgmental Christians?

What I saw on Preachers of L. A. was a teeny-weeny look inside how some rich preachers live. Remember when Oprah went inside Joel Osteen’s big ole Texas mansion and asked him about living so well as a minister—remember that show? Who protested the next week suggesting that Osteen should go sit down somewhere with his rich, daddy inherited, soft-peddling gospel butt that never mentions “ye must be born again?” I am a born again, know the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Christian, and I am outraged that Oxygen would bow to this sort of pressure from a fringe bunch of judgmental haters. What I saw on “Preachers of L. A. were men and women who may have had wealth, but so does 98 percent of the white men in Congress who are screwing over poor people everyday—where’s the protest? If Christians are so upset with wealth and the display of wealth they need to leave America and move to Bangladesh and live like poor dumpster divers because this country is ruled by the 1 percent who own 80 percent of the wealth.

The same folks who don’t want to see rich preachers are being ruled by a bunch of anti-Christian politicians with enough money to make the preachers of L. A. look like po’ folks. What hypocrisy! I say this to all the folks who are bashing Christians with money, it takes money to feed poor folks, it takes money to clothe naked children. Show me one thing, in or outside the kingdom of God, that lack of money ever fixed? The folks in the Philippines need prayer right now but they also need a lot of money. If prayer was so powerful why didn’t it turn away the largest typhoon ever to hit land? Prayer didn’t change that, and prayer won’t help all the starving folks who now need to recover from typhoon Haiyan. I say if rich preachers can donate, match, or otherwise come to the aid of the poor I say more power to them. Shame on all the “Preachers of L. A.” haters. I hope you’re happy watching Iyanla Vanzant play God. Why don’t some of you Christians protesting the Preachers of L. A. say something loud and clear about all the naked, fornicating, openly homosexual, otherwise, worldly, ungodly conduct shows on television. Why not complain about all that? Or is this your type of real family entertainment? Huh??

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Wednesday Wisdom


  1. avatar Missy says:

    Cravin, you have reality issues.
    You are truly living in darkness.

  2. avatar Brandon Baptiste says:

    Honestly that show is trash. I think it matters where you come from. People don’t want flash to be shown because my generation the youth sees that everyday and watch people rob and kill for it. Where are values nowadays? This shows promotes trickery. This is why many of us young people don’t believe in much anymore. This country , this society and its ways are lies. I don’t believe not a word of these men or this country. Idk why people fiend for this show so much, the same religion they killed and beat my ancestors to learn. F these crackers and their religion, black ppl and Christians think about that. Blacks don’t concern what’s on tv and live your life, you are being extorted and outsourced because you lack knowledge. Worried about what is on tv and don’t know a damn thing about gaining some land. White folks laugh @ us, I hope my 20 year old something’s break this cycle or we will forever be the lost people.

  3. avatar blessing in disguise says:

    First of all I like the show the show isn’t suppose to be taken seriously everyone is so busy trying stop it putting so much attention on how it tears down the church please the church tears down itself how about this worry about god and yall relationship cause all shall go when he says it is evil will not last forever so just let it go and they mostly telling the truth if y’all would actually listen they are sharing a message and not worrying about how y’all precious churches are looking please yall make me laugh god is going to do what he wants and I’m not going to be stressed over. No show

  4. avatar Cheryl Preston says:

    First of all, the show has not yet been cancelled. The final episode aired last Wednesday. And second, if someone works hard and earns money I have no problem, but these pimps trick church folk into giving them the bling then turn around and say look what the Lord has done, They lie by implying that if you sit in their church and give money to them over and above their salary, that God will make you a millionaire. They get rich off the people, then tell the church folk to wait on a due season that never comes. Christianity is about being saved from hell, and receiving the free gift of eternal life. You can have this no matter how much is in your bank account.

  5. avatar Marv says:

    I agree and disagree with you. It’s one thing to listen to Iyanla and her rants and another to know these pimps are continuing the disgusting and shameful tradition of our “ministers/preachers” stealing from the Black community. Yes, there is indeed a problem with a ‘preacher’ driving a Bentley that he purchased with church funds. Tithing is part of an OLD Testament covenant made unnecessary by the coming of Jesus and His subsequent death on Calvary. While I agree we all have multiple things to complain about or find abhorrent, it is difficult to watch these ‘pastors’ live so lavishly and consider that the vast majority of their parishioners are deeply impoverished, yet week by week they’re being brow-beaten into reaching into their pockets to “advance the Kingdom”? Really now.

    FInally, we all have opinions and I do hope Oxygen cancels it. It’s bad enough the Black Church has a bad name without these folks flaunting their bling in the faces of people who will watch and ignore, rather than rise up and say, ENOUGH.

  6. avatar Tony Johnson says:

    Amen & Amen…Ms.Cravin. You killed them with the truth as always…Great post! 🙂