{Music Corner} Joshua Rogers- Unconditional

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Joshua Rogers- Unconditional

I’m keeping my promise after reviewing gospel artist Joshua Rogers debut project “Well Done” http://northamarillonow.co/wp2/?p=20601 that I’ll wait and see what his next project has to offer with original material so I can give a better evaluation. Well Joshua Rogers has now released his Sophomore project with new and original material called “Unconditional”

Of course I had to listen to it many times so I could be totally unbiased simply because Joshua Rogers became the first male and the youngest winner of 2012 BET “Sunday Best” but I was actually rooting for Alexis Spight who was the runner up even though SHE SHOULD HAD WON but okay, okay, okay it’s now water under the bridge and I give Joshua Rogers his props because I do actually like “Unconditional”.

This 13 song project has a little flavor of everything dealing with Contemporary, Worship & Traditional but my favorite tracks are the title cut “Unconditional”, “You Alone” & “I’ll Trust You”. Rogers now 20 yrs old sings like an old school veteran on the Traditional songs like “Draw Me Nearer” (Interlude) & “The Blood” but also appeases his age group with songs like “So Good”, “I Got Joy”, & “He Is”

Overall “Unconditional” is a pretty good project although I still favor Alexis Spight as the better singer (Oops! I just had a flashback to Sunday’s Best…Sorry..LOL) but seriously I enjoyed listening to “Unconditional” from start to finish. Definitely a must buy for any Joshua Rogers fan.

WTG…Joshua Rogers 🙂

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