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Sometimes I like to reminisce on music that’s very sentimental to me. The year was 1997 and I was at the height of my local success being a radio DJ in my hometown and one the songs I used to play was “We Can Get Down” by Myron at first listen I swore it was D’ Angelo because it had that “Brown Sugar” vibe but later in 1998 when the album “Destiny” dropped followed by the self-titled track release I was hooked. I played “Destiny” every chance I got but for some reason the promotion dept with Island Records didn’t quite do its job and next thing Myron was “Gone like the Wind” while Puffy (P, Diddy), Jermaine Dupri, Lauryn Hill, Dru Hill, Master P & Will Smith began to dominate the airwaves.

Myron (Myron Davis) debut project “Destiny was released on July 28. 1998 charted #14 on the Billboard Hot R&B . Myron a mufti-talented singer/musician self produced pretty much of the project but such a genuine project from start to finish. Definitely one of the best R&B albums of 1998 that never did get its just due. Although he later went on to record 2 more projects Free (2003) & Myron & The Works (2008) which showed more of the neo-soul side of Myron but when it comes to straight up R&B grooves and love songs “Destiny” is by far his best work in my opinion.

“Destiny” is a 13 song project my favorites are “We Can Get Down”, “Destiny”, “Heavenly Girl”, “Give My All To You” & “You’re My Everything” other notable mentions are “Come Around”, “So Damn Much” , “Hit It” & “Angel”

“So Fly”, “See You Cry”, “Eastside Girl” are nice and listenable but I really didn’t care much for the “Destiny (Remix) but overall a very impressive debut.

Hopefully this is indeed a sentimental flashback for those who remembers this project but if not please don’t hesitate to download “Destiny” because the songs are still fresh today as it was 15 years ago back when real music was indeed REAL MUSIC!

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