The Passing of Nelson Mandela

Tributes around the world are now being offered to the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. There is no need for me to repeat his lifetime journey to end apartheid in South Africa. My bigger concern is where are the current Nelson Mandelas all across the world who are ready to step into Mr. Mandela’s shoes? Where are the voices of outrage in a world where the top 300 richest families own more wealth than the bottom 3 billion? Where are the protests for the ongoing wholesale incarceration of black men in America? Where are the voices of outrage as the same type of conservative politics that instituted and maintained South Africa’s strict racial separation now institute strict voter registration laws designed to diminish the black and brown vote? Where are the “new” Nelson Mandelas who are ready to rise up and fight new forms of apartheid?

What I see in America is troubling. I am troubled at the dearth of black men especially who seem to have traded in the “right” to marry interracially with freedom and progress. I am troubled even here in Amarillo, Texas at the total absence of even a modest number of African Americans in positions of power—in the judiciary, in local government, and on the police force. And, even worse, at the dearth of black men teachers and other professionals. How many black faces appear regularly on local television newscasts? Have too many Amarillo black men decided to substitute “git me a white woman” as a sign of real racial achievement? Locally, black men and women are being incarcerated at a rate that is alarming. Black children right here in Amarillo are being orphaned by the “lock ‘em up” drug enforcement policies that somehow seem to by-pass white drug dealers and users. Black children right here in Amarillo are increasingly being placed in white homes as foster children or adopted children because of drug enforcement policies that have led to the incarceration of both parents. Is a loving foster home better than an institutional setting? Yes, but when I hear of black children being literally dragged, kicking and screaming, out of social service offices and taken away as if they were being separated from parents at a slave auction, then my heart grieves for the future of these children. What happens to black children who are torn from their black families and placed with white families that live in isolated white communities where these children are the only one or two in all white schools? What happens to the psyche of these children who have been uprooted and torn away from the black side of their families? These are realities that black children are facing all across this country as racist drug law enforcement disproportionately affects black men and women. Where are the Nelson Mandela’s crying in the wilderness to stop this “new” prison apartheid?

The election of President Barack Obama to the White House has shown us where America really is on race relations. We are not a post racial country. America is as racist now, and dare I say, more so since the election of President Obama. The new Klan does not wear hooded white sheets; instead they wear black robes and sit as judges and juries all across America. The housing recession of 2008 showed up just how much the moneyed interest cared for the economic progress of black Americans. Blacks lost homes as a result of outright discrimination and lending fraud at a rate that was more than triple that of any other group. And who got rich off black Americans? You know the answer. Black Americans lost more than 70 percent of wealth attributed to the equity in their homes as a direct result of being denied equal access to credit and tricked into predatory loans. Where are the voices of outrage at the lost of billions of dollars of black wealth? Where are the new Mandelas ready to step forward to deal with the “new economic apartheid” that is creeping across America?

Mr. Mandela has fought the good fight—he has run his race. But there is still a good fight to be fought and a race to run all across this world to stem the new tide of bigotry and racism that is again on the rise. Where are the new Nelson Mandelas ready to accept the baton and fight on?

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  1. avatar Tony Johnson says:

    And so know Ms. Craven…His death wasn’t front page of the Amarillo Globe news. I guess the resignation of West Texas A&M basketball coach Rick Cooper was more worthy front page news than the death of an renowned world leader. I hope you will do an article on it once you investigate it for yourself. I even went to their website and voiced my displeasure but oh well…I guess I shouldn’t be surprise lord forbids if anything happens to President Obama I guess we’ll read it somewhere in the fine print section of the newspaper. Totally a black eye for journalism but welcome to the Texas “Redneck” Panhandle where sports and rodeos seems to dominate our news.