Is Ted Cruz a Slave?

Ted Cruz just got a taste of “not owing himself” after he posted a few positive comments about the death of Nelson Mandela. His supporters ripped his butt for “going off the ultra conservative think like us plantation.” I find it very ironic that the same place where black slaves were sold on an auction block just feet from the White House is now overrun with folks who have also been “bought off” politically. What’s the difference?

If you find it “offensive” and “provocative” that I would refer to a Harvard-educated, assumingly intelligent white man as a slave, then let’s reexamine what a slave is. A slave did not own him or herself. Slaves could be whipped for doing anything to be free—read and write, run away, refuse orders, or do a myriad other things that gave any suggestion that a slave was “acting free.” Fast forward to the current political climate in Washington. The entire Tea Party crowd, including John Boehner, Sarah Palin, Eric Cantor, and especially Ted Cruz, are all carrying out an agenda spoon fed to them by the powers that own them. Call it big money, call it a hard-core constituency that threatens to “unseat them,” or just call them “Obama haters,” the end result is the same. These folks are slaves to whatever took them to Washington. They are brainwashed with “talking point” and “canned arguments” as if they are mindless automatons ready to be told how to think. If they “go off the “right-wing” plantation they are punished severely. Remember how John Boehner refused to call a vote on the government shut down? Boehner acted like a scared slave during the entire process. Isn’t it strange that a nation that was built on slavery now finds itself being ruled by powers that have enslaved the very politicians who, above all else, should be independent thinkers?

Again, if you are offended by the notion of “white people being slaves” look no further than the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Mandela’s real message of equality and brotherhood told the minority white South Africans that they would never be free as long as they continued to enslave the majority black population. What Mandela knew is that time was not on the side of the white enslavers—it was only a matter of time before mass black revenge was unleashed upon the minority whites. Mandela appealed to the sense of white fear that the majority blacks would one day drive them into the sea. What Mandela did after he became President was to ask all sides to confess their bigotry and cleanse and heal their wicked souls. Many did and came away with a spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation ready to move the nation forward. Mandela understood that you cannot hold your brother in slavery without also enslaving yourself in order to hold your brother down. America has yet to learn this lesson.

I have said over and over on this very website that we need to move away from traditional definitions. I’ve said on this website that if a man can have a husband, or a woman a wife, an arrangement that has totally redefined marriage, then we can redefine a host of other social constructs that are racially based. I have repeatedly said that we need to unhinge the “N-Word” from race and instead connect it to character. My cure for using this word is this: The next time anyone sees the “N-Word” written on a wall, the question to ask is “What “N” wrote this? I’ve repeatedly said that the worse “Ns” in my life have not been people of color. And I say the same about slavery—there are white slaves among us. Hitler enslaved a nation of Germanic white people, not with chains and shackles but with the power of mind control. Hitler convinced an entire nation of so-called free white people to murder and destroy Jews without remorse. The same is going on right now in America. Institutional racism in America is perpetuated every day by millions of white people who deliberately engage in private acts of racism and bigotry. There is a reason why the Bible speaks of those who will freely take the “mark of the beast.” These folks will willingly submit their freedom, not at the barrel of a gun, but by the power of mind control. The expression “free your mind and the rest will follow,” has meaning beyond clever words.

And so I ask again, “Is Ted Cruz a slave?” Is he, and a host of other politicians, already “bought and paid for?” Weren’t black slaves also “bought and paid for?” Are these highly educated, “rich men” now elected to high office, free– or are they slaves? Are these so-called political leaders afraid to express themselves or even come to the bargaining table for fear of being punished for “going off the plantation?” Are these folks little more than political slaves serving their masters?

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