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R. Kelly

R. Kelly- Black Panties

R.Kelly the self-acclaimed “King of R&B” has released his 15th project “Black Panties” I was forewarned about 8 months before its release that this project would be a far cry from his previous 2 projects (“Love Letter & Write Me Back”) and according to R. Kelly who was a guest and performed on the Arsenio Hall show 5 days before the scheduled release said “Black Panties is like the new “12 Play” album” of course the 1993 “12 Play” is R. Kelly’s most successful album to date which led me to believe that he returned to his “Old” R. Kelly form by making good wholesome baby making music and singing songs that would leave something for the imagination but after listening to “Black Panties” it was indeed the opposite although you can some what call it baby making music but it’s in raw and uncut form with NOTHING leading to anyone’s imagination. Just straight to the nitty gritty with plenty of F-bombs and sexual graphic details which sounds more closer to his TP-2.com project but WAY much more explicit.

My only favorite song off of “Black Panties” is “All The Way” f/ Kelly Rowland the rest of the songs are okay but due to the graphic language and content it’s really hard for me to get into the whole project.

Now before any of you R. Kelly fans start saying that I’m a HATER and I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about just hear me out. I understand that to many R. Kelly is a musical genius I personally think that he’s indeed a LYRICAL genius for there’s no topic that R. Kelly can’t write a song about but it also becomes a time when you get a certain age as a musician/songwriter that you must show signs of growth and maturity. Yes, R. Kelly did release 2 albums before that was aimed towards a more grown and sexy audience (“Love Letter & Write Me Back”) with lack luster results but as I said in my reviews on those projects It sounded too much as a gimmick of him imitating other artists instead of being HIMSELF therefore people didn’t support it only “Love Letter” barely made it to “Gold” status according to the RIAA.

Now R. Kelly who’s about to be 47 years old next month feels it’s time to appease the younger audiences by reinventing himself as a “young” R. Kelly by making songs like “Legs Shaking”, “Cookie”, “Throw This Money On You”, “Marry the P###y”, Crazy Sex” “Tear It Up”, “Show Ya P###y”, etc once again I remind you this is coming from a man who is presently 46 yrs old with 3 children. I swear sometimes R.Kelly is suffering from an identity crisis cause one moment he’s an R&B singer, the next moment he’s an hood rapper & the next moment he’s an wanna bee character of other artists.

Damn…will the “REAL” R. Kelly please stand up!

Remember back in 2012 when Brain McKnight came out with a song called “iFUrReadyToLearn” where the lyrics says ““Let me show you how your P###y works” The mainstream public gave so much criticism of him making a song like that although McKnight said he did it as a parody but people were still offended because they expected higher expectation from him writing a song as such but on the other hand R. Kelly writes a whole album filled with the P-word, B-word & the N-word that many people says “The King of R&B” is officially back.

Sure “Black Panties” is a 5 star album if you support HOOD-ism, RATCHET-ism, STRIPPER-POLE-ism, GHETTO-ism, & PORNO-ism. I’m sure there are many people who really love this project but why are mainly African-Americans are so prone to entertain this kind of foolishness and dare to call it “Grown and Sexy” no I call it straight “Trashy & Unclassy” and expected R.Kelly especially at his age to have more class and higher standards than to stoop so low just to sell records.

R. Kelly is such a talented individual and to be labeled as “The KING of R&B” with all of the accomplishments and accolades he has achieved over his 20 year span in the music industry it’s really disappointing to hear him come out with a project like this being so “OVER THE TOP” but given the fact due to his past (marrying a 15 yr old Aaliyah, sex tape allegation with an underage girl but of course acquitted in the court of law) maybe this shouldn’t come as no surprise based on his character but until he can actually find himself R. Kelly will forever be a double minded and confused person so I will kindly take his advice off one of his songs on this project and “SHUT UP” but before I do I will end it by saying to R. Kelly “GROW the “F##k” UP !” Since that seems to be the only word you can relate to…but until then The “KING of R&B” in my book is “JOE”

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  1. avatar derek says:

    My thought is a man of his age to title his song in the way he did shows that he still have not learned from past problems and it’s very tasteless…. me I’m a music love as well and I will stick with old school 80 r&b before I buy another r kelly album.

  2. avatar Tony Johnson says:

    My pleasure Michelle and thank you for commenting and I will also add although there are a few songs that’s feasible to listen to like “Shut up”, “Genius” & “All The Way” but overall its not something you should expect from “The King of R&B”.
    If Michael Jackson were alive and decided to make an album like this…The whole world would be in a uproar because he was the “The King Of Pop” sometimes when you reach a certain status and start receiving TITLES as the “King” or “Queen” of something you have to start carrying yourself in a certain perspective or face scrutiny.

  3. avatar Clara Elliott says:


    Thanks for your review…as usual, your commentary was on point. R. Kelly has clearly lost what’s left of his fragile mind! Two thumbs up…way up!

  4. avatar Michelle says:

    You went “All in”…. And I agree. I don’t typically buy most of his music, even though in the past he had a few really nice love songs on some of his albums. I have 2 of his albums, maybe 3.. But I’ve never been overly excited about seeing him live, even though I’ve thought about it once or twice, when I had friends that wanted to go.. I guess I’m truly settling and getting old, even though I’d rather think of it as “growing”… Because all I wanna hear are good musicians, and great vocals… I don’t need to hear all that sexually explicit stuff, and see R. Kelly gyrating on a stage… That kind of stuff appeals to one of 2 groups…the very young and immature…. Or the very old who are not used to getting much, so R.Kelly becomes a fantasy ..LOL.. Some things aren’t necessary…. Hell Marvin Gaye never had to do it, and to this day, he still has some of the best lovemaking songs ever. I’ve always thought R. Kelly was very talented, so to consider himself a serious R&B artist, at his age… it is a shame this is all he can produce…Thanks for letting me know not to buy this!!