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Dam-Funk and Snoop has collaborated together to debut “7 Days of Funk” This project is Snoop first time working with a single producer (Dam-Funk) since his 1994 debut project “Doggystyle” whom was Dr. Dre.

This 9 song project is bringing back that old school west coast funk in it’s purest form which guest features Bootsy Collins, Kurupt, Tha Doog Pound and Steve Arrington formerly the lead singer/drummer of Slave.

My favorites are “Faden Away” & “Let it Go” other notable mentions are “Hit Da Pavement”, “Ride”, “Do My Thang” & “Systamatic”.

If anyone who appreciates funky bass grooves, deep drum kicks. and spacey synths which takes you back to that early 80’s funk movement you don’t want to sleep on this project. I commend Snoop for going to back to his funk roots and for those who don’t know much about Dam-Funk you need to you-tube his work. A killer funk synthesis and drum programmer who’s dedicated to keeping funk music alive hopefully more upcoming musicians will jump on his bandwagon.

Check my article I did on Dam-Funk & Steve Arrington http://northamarillonow.co/wp2/?p=21262

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