Why we should “give a duck” about Phil Robertson

lcravinYou already know about the “controversial” statements made by Phil Robertson in a GQ Magazine article. What he said got “Duck Dynasty” booted or rather “suspended” by A & E Television, at least until sometime in January. Millions of fans are now buying t-shirts that say, “I don’t give a duck, bring Phil back.” This is a “hot button” topic for which I need to make a clear disclaimer right now. Any comments in this post are not those of North Amarillo Now. They are my own—not the host or anyone else associated with North Amarillo Now. I’m a big girl and I can take the heat from anyone who wants to post any comments to this column.

Let me start by saying this: I have a problem with the entire GLBT “movement” for lack of a better term when they can hold an entire nation hostage to their lifestyle. This morning Roland Martin, the black host of News One, asked the question to his presumably all black viewers. “Are you willing to admit that you watch Duck Dynasty?” When a few black viewers called in to respond to the question Roland’s “check you” attitude was clear that no black person should watch Duck Dynasty. I say why not. Right after Roland’s show goes off, the old worn out laughing too loud and too long at nothing, shucking and jiving, J-J-“Dynomite” “Good Times” comes on. Anyone who watches the same old tired worn out, “we black, we po, we broke, we stupid in the hood” black sit-coms can certainly watch Duck Dynasty. After all, the Duck Dynasty folks are rich entrepreneurs—no one on “Good Times” ever made a dime relatively speaking. They are all still broke—Phil Robertson “ain’t” broke. So, my problem with Roland Martin is that he is engaging in subtle “check you” mind control by disparaging any black viewers who watched Duck Dynasty. I don’t drink the Roland Martin grape juice. I will tell Roland where to get off and where he can go. So let me proceed.

As I was saying, I have a problem with a group of folks who have somehow translated a “free sexual preference” movement into a “right to silence” anyone who does not agree with them. Roland Martin was benched for making a silly comment about David Beckham in shorts and his appeal to men. I thought Martin was mistreated. In any event, the GLBT folks appear to have some type of “language and attitude” patrols stationed all over the place just waiting to pounce on the “homophobic” band-wagon. No one is afraid of homosexual—I’m not. But these same folks should not have an entire nation “scared to death” to express their beliefs about them. These folks not only want some type of “sex rights” but also the right to prevent anyone else from any type of speech or commentary. The GLBT folks cannot force anyone to accept their lifestyle choices-or mute every voice that disagrees with any aspect of their lifestyles. If so, let’s start the bon fires to burn all Bibles right now.

From a Biblical, Christian, perspective why should anyone running around fornicating all over the place have the right to denounce anyone who dares to suggest a moral alternative? If that is the case we don’t need pastors and preachers. Since when did God accept anything and everything? I don’t buy the argument that because God extends His love to all humanity by and through His Son Jesus Christ, that this means that God has abandoned all standards of ethical conduct. Why should God lower His standards of morality for GLBT when He didn’t do it for the equivalent fornicators and adulterers down through the ages? This is my problem with the GLBT community always crying “foul” when something offends them. Well what about the folks they offend by placing themselves on pedestals to be adorned and adored for a sexual preference lifestyle that has been brow-beaten into political acceptance. Having a political right does not make what is being done right. When Phil Robertson spoke of a biblical reference to sinners, what makes the GLBT community feel that they are exempt from this conversation? God is no more adoring of the GLBT community than he was of folks who engaged in similar conduct, whether gay or straight, down through the ages. From a Christian, eternal salvation perspective, the GLBT community has only two “God-given” rights, to either “be right” or “get right.”

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  1. avatar Tony Johnson says:

    No that’s not true Duane…Phil Robertson was specifically speaking about the Blacks that he worked with growing up that he never saw mistreated not about all Blacks in general.

  2. avatar Duane Alexander says:

    I’m just curious. Phil Robertson also said that blacks were not mistreated in the South back in the 50’s. But no one is talking about that.

  3. avatar Tony Johnson says:

    Ms. Craven I posted your article on my Facebook page and I received some comments disagreeing with you unfortunately you don’t have a Facebook but I told them why not voice it on the website that way you can respond but I’m sure you won’t hear one solid word from any of them but once again…Great article!

  4. avatar Nicholas Carr says:

    Well said! Stand up for your beliefs, way to not Dummy down!

  5. avatar Tekeisha Austin says:

    I totally agree with you on this one sister!

  6. avatar Tony Johnson says:

    Well said…Ms, Cravin.