{Music Corner} Tony Saunders- Appaloosa

Tony Saunders

Tony Saunders-Appaloosa

I was surfing through  Amazon looking at the new releases for the week I noticed 2 horses on the CD cover. My first initial thought was that it was a re-issue of an old release and started to pass on it because it reminded me of those early Bob James or Christopher Cross album covers but as the old saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover” or shall I say as a music columnist “Never Judge a CD by its cover”

Smooth Jazz artist/bassist Tony Saunders released his 4th project Appaloosa (Which explains the 2 horses on his CD cover) and I must admit this is a very good smooth jazz project mixed in with some R&B and Gospel. Actually I never heard of this cat before but after doing my research I found out that he is the son of the late legendary keyboardist Merl Saunders and has played with the likes of Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Ringo, Patti Labelle and Chaka Khan just to name a few.

The 13 song project “Appaloosa” features guest vocalists: Howard Hewett, Tony Lindsay, Sakai, Derick Hughes, Bill Champlain, Lawrence Matthews and Fred Ross. Tony Saunders does a superb job on remaking 2 cover songs. Mariah Carey “We Belong Together” and Michael Jackson “The Lady In My Life”.

My personal favorites are “The Question is”, “My First Love” f/ Howard Hewett, “What Is This” and Blue Nickels.

“Appaloosa” is a very nice project from start to finish. I would also advise you to check out his previous joint called “Romancing The Bass” personally I think that project is a lil’ better overall than “Appaloosa” but either project you won’t be disappointed if you’re a jazz head.

I didn’t expect Tony Saunders to be my first music review of 2014 but I’m glad to know that I came across a well rounded seasoned-vet in the art world of jazz.

Nice work Tony Saunders. You’re definitely doing your thing on the bass guitar. 🙂

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