Moving On Up—Take Your #%#^# Chickens

Free Range
I am a gardener. I told my neighbor that I hope I leave this realm standing in my garden and that the mortician would have to pry a hoe from my cold dead hands. Once again, in spite of the ongoing drought, I plan to plant a spring garden. But trouble has already arrived in the form of stray chickens and a rooster left behind by neighbors who “moved on up” from the North side of Amarillo.

North Amarillo is the step child of the City of Amarillo—it’s starting to look like a third-world country in certain neighborhoods. But, this is a free country and people are free to do culturally, “in America” whatever they did before they arrived here—including folks who love to raise farm animals in the front and back yard. I hear roosters crowing at 3 a.m. because of “other folks’ culture.” Complaining doesn’t resolve anything—so I guess I need to move. But I like where I live and don’t want to move. But there are some folks who “occupy” the North side of Amarillo just until they can “move on up.” My neighbors did just that—hey I’m all for progress—but the problem is that these particular neighbors left their chickens behind—to roam the neighborhood—and in particular to come into my yard and poop and scratch up everything.

I cannot now plant a garden because these “left behind” chickens and a rooster have started hanging out in my yard. Have you ever seen a hungry chicken scratch? I grew up on a farm and a hungry chicken can clear away some top soil looking for any kind of grub that may be lurking beneath. What is beneath also includes any type of garden seed. So, now I need to find a way to rid the neighborhood, and my yard, of these “left behind” chickens while the former owners enjoy their new house somewhere else. Hey I say if you plan to move to Sleepy Hollow or the Colonies, take your $#*#& chickens and roosters with you. See how your new neighbors like it.

So why do people show so much disrespect for certain parts of Amarillo—especially the North side? There is so much paper and trash strewn all over vacant lots around North Amarillo it is a shame. The fence on the Broadway Street side of the golf course is littered with unsightly trash. Why won’t the city just hire a bunch of day laborers and have them pick up paper on these lots—and elsewhere around Amarillo—hey it’s a job. Yea I know keeping vacant lots cleared of debris is the responsibility of the owner, but that has fared about as well as trying to get some Amarillo property owners to trim dead trees hanging all over the streets. Why is there so little respect for some parts of Amarillo? Just drive around—folks are still dumping tires all over the place. One street has a couple of old carpets dumped right in the road and city workers have been driving by this trash since last September and no one has bothered to clean it up. It is a disgrace. But, it’s election time again. “Vote for Me” signs all over the North side of Amarillo as if any of these “cross town” folks really give a hoot about the well being of certain folks. But, hey, vote for me. Why one person has decided to come out of semi-private business oblivion to get back into public office is a mystery. Who did you lead when you were in office—except a few of the “in crowd” folks? Hey you left them in good shape to rob the local taxpayers blind—now you want to move on to wider territory. I say vote for the other woman!

And so for the folks who “moved on up” from the North side and left these freaking chickens behind to be a public nuisance—I hope your “Welcome Partner” cache of goodies has some chicken poop in it just for you. Or better still, come back and get these chickens and a rooster that you are now too proud or too uppity to admit you owned—where you lived before.

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