{Music Corner} Brian Culbertson- Another Long Night Out


Brian Culbertson- Another Long Night Out

Smooth jazz keyboardist/trombonist Brian Culbertson has released (on Feb 25) his 14th project “Another Long Night Out”.

“Another Long Night Out” is a refurbished version of his debut 1994 project “Long Night Out” This 11 song project is identically the same as the debut now 20 years later Culbertson added an all star jazz cast to help revisit his roots such as Lee Ritenour, Chuck Loeb, Eric Marienthal, Rick Braun, Steve Lukather, Russ Freeman, “Patches” Stewart, Candy Dulfer and Jonathan Butler.

Unlike Culbertson’s previous 2 projects “Dreams” and “XII” which I though was geared more on the R&B side where as “Another Long Night Out” is straight up jazz contemporary with him playing with a full band instead of keyboard sequences and drum programming.

Personally I like “Another Long Night Out” better than “Long Night Out” although the songs are the same but “Another Long Night Out” sounds so much rejuvenating and fresher I’m sure technology changing over the course of 20 years have played its part but hearing all the different musicians playing on this project on one accord is simply beautiful.

My favorite song is no doubt “Heroes Of The Dawn” but every song is good that you can just let play from start to finish

“Another Long Night Out” is by far one of his classiest projects to date and I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian Culbertson receive a Grammy nomination. I definitely recommend “Another Long Night Out” for any true jazz listener especially if you do not have his debut “Long Night Out”.

Nice Job, Brian Culbertson 🙂

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