North Amarillo Girl Scout Troops Shine

photos by Angela Allen |  North Amarillo Now

North Amarillo Girl Scout Troops Shine at the Texas Oklahoma Plains Council Annual Girl Scouts Day.


On Saturday Amarillo Girl Scout Troop 5678 received A Gold Award the highest honor given for Girl Scouts Community Service Projects. This is the first time African American girls from Amarillo have achieved this award. Receiving the Gold Award were Victoria Miles, Monique Gassaway, and Veronica Miles who is away at Xavier University in Louisiana.

Troop 5678 completed Project Lots of Love which involved updating the Hilltop Sr. Citizens Center located at 1311 N. Taylor. The project included renovating the main office and bathroom, installing an All-In-One Printer and Neat Scanner which will help the staff with faxing and filing. Renovating the Fellowship Hall with fresh paint, new furniture, computers and lighting was donated and installed. Also, cleaning out the front garden, removing dead trees, painting the outside building, cleaning and organizing storage buildings. Xeriscaping was installed in the front garden making it sustainable for the Senior Citizens staff. The Troop Leader for Troop 5678 is Janice Fagan.

A Bronze Award is the first level of the three awards given for Community Service Projects that make a difference in the community. A Bronze Award was given to Troop 5046 for the renovation project of Guyon Saunders/Tyler Resource Center Family Dayroom. The Family Dayroom is used for daytime activities for homeless adults and their children. Troop members cleaned the room, had the carpet professionally cleaned, and the toys were cleaned and sanitized. The Troop donated a large screen smart TV, along with tables and chairs for the room. The Troop also decorated bulletin boards with inspirational messages.
Members of Troop 5046 are Lauren Burrell, Zariah Carter, Kristian Carter, Katilin Carter, Raquel Guest, Kayshanna Polite, Khia Polite and Jasmine Solis. The Troop Leaders for Troop 5046 are Anita Burrell, Hattie Carter, and Pam Guest.


Top Cookie sales also went to members of Troop 5046. Zariah Carter, Kristian Carter, and Katilin Carter each sold over 2000 boxes of cookies for a total of more than 6000 boxes of cookies. Each girl received an iPad Mini for their cookie sales. This is the third year in a row that these three sisters have each sold over 2000 boxes of cookies.

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