{Fashion Corner} Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Spring To Summer

women-vests-fashion-2It’s heating up and summer is almost here! The heat combined with the humidity can make it difficult to find pieces that look stylish and keep you cool while looking fashionable all summer long. Check out these three awesome wardrobe items that will make transitioning between spring and summer a breeze!

This season, try wearing a vest over a cute summer dress or outfit. Layering a light vest over your outfit allows the chance to look cute without overheating you. Blazer vests are in vogue this season or you can go with a denim vest depending on your own personal style.

Floral Boots
Doc Marten’s are in! Grab a pair of these (or something that looks like it) and wear a shoe that looks cute, is functional, and looks in season. Perfect for spring and summer, a floral patterned shoe allows you to transition flawlessly between seasons. Wear it with your favorite sun dress or a pair of high waisted pants and a cropped top.

Printed Pants
It’s way to hot to wear jeans so instead try a pair of fun patterned pants! They’re a good compromise because they’re light and season appropriate. Pair with a solid top and your favorite pair of sandals! For an even cooler options, try a pair of fun collar leggings!

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{Fashion Corner}